Sunday, April 28, 2013

Scrappy Sunday

I love this picture and this page. It is from E's six month photo shoot with Heather in front of a tangle of Christmas lights. The journaling is largely taken from his six month post.  This probably begins the pages from the SC Spencer kit as well as pages where I'm obsessed with using sequins.  There are, of course, many more of those lovely gold glitter thickers too.  

Here is the simple page from my first official 5k back in October, complete with bib, friends, the story, and times.  (Supply Note:  MME PP, SC kit pieces, AC date stamp, OA stickers).

This photo is from, believe it or not, M's 3rd birthday.  Tracie was over celebrating and took it of baby E and me.  I love it, particularly his crazy hair. (Supply Note: AC Glitter paper, SC Spencer's Kit, Sequins).

Hmmm more sequins... Anyway, this page as a bit hysterical.  I had decided we needed a page about how each kid had their own self-soothing technique - Thumb sucking, Paci, and... well, nothing in particular.  However, I had the most difficult time finding pictures.  There are, it turns out, very few of M and B with a thumb or a paci, and plenty of E with both? So weird.  Anyway, we pulled it together with bits from old SC kits and based it off of one of Shimelle's weekly sketches. Photos or no, I swear this is how it works here.

Finally, I shared this page earlier in the week.  However, I felt compelled to make a second page on the same story.  This is very rare so let me explain a bit. Our scrapbook albums are loosely organized based on Stacy Julian's Photo Freedom.  For us, that means family albums, albums for each kids, a vacation/places album, and a family/friends album (vague enough??)  Anyway, if the page is about more than one of us it typically goes in the family album as the above page will given that it has M's story as well as B's.  However, I felt like B needed a page in his own album that was more focused on his experience as it is so rare to see him so enthused about a  new experience. 
I had just a couple more pictures and ephemera so I used the scraps from page one to make a page for B.  These pages won't be near each other, but do "trigger" a memory of each other so if you happen to see one you might remember having seen something about that in another album somewhere.  ("Visual clues") In any case, I love how it turned out and am so glad we have both!
(Supply Note: Maggie Holmes CP Glitter Thickers, Echo Park PP, Tim Holtz Tag, SC Printables, Kit Bits & Washi, Barons ephemera).

This makes me wonder, how do you organize your memory keeping (scrapbook albums, photo albums, photos, etc?)  Out system continually evolves and any suggestions would be great!

Oh, and by the time you read this I "should" have finished my third 5K "race" as part of the OKC Memorial Marathon.  More pictures, pages, and stories to come!

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