Sunday, May 5, 2013

Scrappy Sunday

And we're back with, now, with more sequins!  I really like them and they're fun.  I suspect they may be a phase, but they subtly remind me of crafting with my mom as a kid, which is a nice bonus.  The above page, aside from the sequins, is about the kids handing out a huge number of Savory Spice samples at the soccer fields between their games on the day before the store opened. I was really surprised at how dedicated, bold, and excited they were about this project.  They are great little marketing/sales assistants!  (Supply Note: SC PP cut up & Silver Mister Huey, washi, AC Thickers, sequins, etc).

By the time you see this weeks will have passed as I'm scrapping faster than these posts have room just now, but believe it or not, I scrapbooked the Kindie 500 race the very day it took place!  This pretty much never happens and is only really feasible now that I can print at home, have a small number of iphone pics, and have time that day.  Regardless, I am so excited that the story of the big "wheels" day at school is already in the album!  (Supplies: SC Spencer & Other kits, SC Veneer)

More sequins!  I attempted a free form little border up there, but didn't quite manage the randomness I was hoping for. I do love how colorful the whole thing is as well as the sort of ombre sequins below.  Better still, I've been looking for a home for that little elephant for months and zoo pictures seem just the right place.  The elephant helps clarify that these are zoo slides not just a park or something.  In any case, cute, bright, and happy! (Supply Note: SC PP and Printables, AC Thickers & elephant, sequins, washi).

Last, but never least Mr. E.  I was flipping through photos and was struck by how tiny his head was as a baby.  It is actually still on the small side compared to his large headed siblings.  I thought I should write up that story with some of these early tiny pictures.  Brent and I found the "top quality" sticker humorous and appropriate as we definitely think he and his head are top quality even if they are a smidge smaller than some.  I can almost not believe how small he is here and it wasn't even a year ago!  (Supply Note: Old & New SC Kits, AC Thickers, SC Mister Huey)

I have done a few compare and contrast pages among the kids in the last few weeks.  What sorts of differences have you noticed between the kids even this early on? Does highlighting them bother you or seem normal?  I suspect E will be in on more of these pages from the outset than the others, and I do think it is interesting, but don't want to suggest that any of their approaches are "better" than the others, just unique and fascinating.  I love having three kids!

Happy Scrapping!

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