Sunday, May 12, 2013

Scrappy Sunday

Lots of Lady M pages this week, complete with bright colors.  For inexplicable reasons, I've been using a bit more orange lately.  This is a bit tricky as I don't really own many orange bits.  Here, I used a cut sheet so many of the bits are actually cut from the same piece of paper.  I also continue to try and use every one of the pieces on the gold thickers sheet.  The journaling is about preparing her for the beginning of school and encouragement to her.  The background is a bit more layered than usual with cool butterfly masks, ink splatters and sequins too. 

Recently, I got a bunch of glitter POW paper on sale.  The paper is delightfully glittering, but sealed so the glitter doesn't get all over.   I've been using bits here and there, but this time, I bold used the entire sheet as a background. This layout is M's fashion show right after her birthday party.  She's showing off her new sparkles and fun. I love all the expressions. 

We don't tend to keep all the book jackets we have.  I had a hard time parting with Tallulah though.  The book, as you can tell by some wrinkles here, is well loved and in constant rotation this winter.  I cut the front of the jacket and a short description from the back flap and added them along with a random picture of M and some tidbits of teal.  It is a great way for me to document what she's really into right now. 

This layout was inspired by a sketch by Allison Davis.  It is a good way to work in a series of smaller photos from a given event.  This page is just about us getting ready, on a complete whim, for the fairy ball in the Paseo last October. I had heard of it, and when we found out our neighbors were going we decided to pull together some costumes and go as well.  The kids were adorable and it was our first attempt at outfitting all three!  Those ombre letters are quite nice too.  

Happy Scrapping and Happy Mother's day!
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JennieMarie said...

I really love the book jacket idea!


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