Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

1.  Telecommuting is weird.  You probably knew that.  The transition is tricky as you're never quite in one place or the other.  That said, I do love it and am so glad I get this opportunity.  I had a wonderful dinner with some of my girlfriends here this evening and will have another.  We are all finding our nitches careerwise and each is so different!

2.  DC in May is so beautiful.  There are flowers blooming everywhere and the evening air was rich with the scent of Iris, Peony, and Rose as I walked home.  The yards s in this old neighborhood are so small by Oklahoma standards, but overflowing with beautiful flowers.  Love it.

3.  I miss my kids, already, still, always. I'm glad my Mom and Brent are there with them and know it is tough for them to pick up my entire routine at odd intervals, but I am glad they do it so well and graciously.

4. M had Dance pictures today. I think there was some timing issue, but she looks adorable:)  I believe those are "Swan" arms from a bit too much watching of Swan Lake with Prima Princessa?

5. E finally got his first baby haircut.  Grandma, Uncle Able, Daddy and I worked together and there is no longer a baby mullet, but it may need a bit more trimming up one of these days.  I did almost cry.  He looks much more like a little boy now.

6.  It is the last full week of Kindergarten.  Where did the time go? They are having all sorts of random end of the year things almost every day.  I think B is having fun.  We even got his yearbook this week!  (This makes me sound old, but did you know that yearbooks are in full color these days?)

7.  I slept for most of the plan rides today.  It was a very unusual and nice thing.

8.  I love my coworkers.  They are so sweet and give me hours of big hugs when I arrive back in DC. Next week marks 10 years of working for OGC if you count way back to when I started as a law clerk.  It is amazing.

9.  Brent is nearing the end of the semester as well.  He is in that place where he both needs more time and is kind of relieved that vert zoo at least is coming to an end.

10.  The next week includes: Board week, Beach Day (B), Dress Rehearsal (M), Dance Recital (M), Kindergarten Revue (B), Spring Program (M), Last day of School (M&B).... it is going to be wild.

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