Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

1.  Today, was a great day as days go at our house.  If every day of summer were roughly like this it would be good.  Now, in fairness, both E and M managed to get hurt, and B and I had small/med attitude moment, but really all told just want the "dream" I'm living is supposed to be like, but almost never is.  E woke up earlier than usual and we got to play together for an hour or so.  Then family breakfast followed by time outside with the kids.  We have a no screens before I go to work rule :) We played in our newly mown grass for quite awhile.  Until the bigs freaked E out by tackling me (all in good fun, but he was very worried).  Then, E had water play time in the bathroom sink while M played in a very full tub of water.  (Sadly by the time this portion of the day was over E had nearly bitten through is lip bonking his chin on the tub....).  After the tylenol, E slept for FOUR hours.  I worked and the big kids ate, played, and did chores as well as minor "school" work.  When work was over E was up and there was more play with neighborhood kids and a few errands.  Then, M's minor injury at a neighbor's house followed by dinner and more wandering kids.  B wrote the most adorably awesome notes to us in chalk on the driveway and may have won himself back into good graces in the process.  More snuggle/silly time before bath/bed.  I changed for my run and got an honest to goodness double take from Brent when I walked out in shorts for the first time in nearly two years :)  After the bedtime ritual I had a lovely run on a beautiful, windy evening as the sunset. And there you have it :)  Ups and downs, but over all elements that make me happy.  Of course, tomorrow change is coming.

2.  Tomorrow, the big kids are going to farm camp.  I think this is the third year, maybe? They are excited and I know it will be awesome.  Brent, E and I will join them Friday afternoon to catch some of the fun!

3.  The child care search continues.  (However, if E would just agree to sleep for those four hours every day he could stay here.... sadly, almost one year olds are impossible to negotiate with).  The place we toured today was clean, neat, new, and featured a very large tornado room.  However, also crazily expensive for the small amount of time we'd actually be using it. Hmmmm....

4.  Let's see, we have managed to finally get our yard mowed for those keeping track of that saga. I literally let some guys mow it that were just randomly driving by.  Brent and our existing guy have discussed and he is back on the case on a trial basis.  It is nice to be able to fully play out there again so we bought badminton rackets today too. (I made it almost a month without going to Target and now remember why I was doing that as this was an expensive trip, obviously).

5.  I have been again considering our storm shelter stash of supplies.  I have agreed to limit them to the one large tub currently down there as Brent seems to think there needs to be room for people? This week, I added a first aid kit (yes, I know, it was supposed to be there earlier, but ended up being assigned to my car instead).  I've also ordered five pairs of work gloves after watching the cleanup efforts Brent has been part of in Moore. Technically, the first aid kit needs some supplementing as does the limited food in there.  Some people were in their shelters for several hours before they could get out last week and there isn't much in there just now to keep kids at bay that long. These are the things we are thinking about as another possible storm looms tomorrow.

6.  I have finally begun planning E's 1st Birthday party.  We are having a sort of vintage red wagon/monkey theme (B is so insistent on this Monkey bit that it MUST be included).  Any suggestions for the party are always welcome as we all know I won't actually pull things together until the last minute although we have made some basic steps in that direction already.

7.  My computer remains "Bjorked." I'm still tentatively hoping Brent will just send it back or Zach will appear and know how to somehow reformat it and reinstall windows (But obviously it didn't come with a disk or anything).  I probably will suck it up and mail it back for warranty service instead though. Eventually. I did manage to press enough random buttons to, I think, get everything off of it that I wanted.  However, pictures here will be thin until that is resolved.

8.  This weekend I ran the "Red Dirt 5k" in Enid.  It was definitely the smallest race we've done and actually really fun, aside from randomly arriving an hour earlier than I needed to.  The first highlight was a new personal record that is about a minute faster than the last one for a total of 10 minutes off my time since September.  The best part, however, was when Tracie and I walked back down the course and ran with Sarah to the finish line.  The odds of that sentence ever occurring if you knew us in high school were basically zero, but here we are!  Tracie and Sarah's parents were all there and similarly amused to be at a race with us.  I ran for my Grandpa Dotter in honor of Memorial Day, which was awesome and I think he liked it too when he saw his name on my race dog tags later that day.

9. Random Memorial Day aside- I know almost unconsciously play this crazy game with myself where I ponder whether or not my Dad would be at any given event.  For example, B's program last week-- definitely not.  He would have wanted to come, but would have been working and sad to miss it, but glad to not be in the fancy Edmond school in a big crowd.  The race, however, I think he might have come to and liked.  It was early in the morning, small, folksy, and near his home.  I saw cowboy roses growing along the road as I ran and ran just a little bit faster imagining him there with them cheering me on.

10. Oh, school is out! We survived and excelled at all the various programs and the kids were quite excited about summer.  I think now they are ready for the next thing, which is nicely timed.  Farm camp is first and the following week they have zoo camp and swimming lessons in the evening.  Followed by a complicated string of other camps woven among our various trips,work, and other adventures.  Here's to a safe, happy summer that maybe isn't "quite" so hot ---wishful thinking indeed.

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Debra Dotter Blakley said...

Amen, Alleluia, and pass the biscuits. I have a large refund coming from the IRS and would glad to supplement for child care for the summer if you find a place you really want him to be. Just saying. (thank you fossil fuels).


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