Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

1 .All of my family is OK as are our homes.  One family of friends lost their home, and another lost his business.  Once it is clearer how best to help them I'll share a link here.

2. Yesterday was just the hardest day in an already hard week.  I really don't have words to process it and so wish I were writing about end of the year festivities instead.  So here are a few things.  Sadly, there will be less pictures for awhile as it appears that my laptop needs to be sent off to the shop... sigh.

3. This story about the love and fear of the Oklahoma skies really resonates with me right now.

4.  I also found this article about the very unusual "Tornado Emergency" designation useful and fascinating.

5.  Just one more, this one is about how the tragedies continue to define us along with the Oklahoma Standard.  Long before this disaster one of my former bosses would introduce me by an ever changing number of tornadoes I'd seen so clearly we've been "defined" by this for awhile already.

6.  I have been so touched by the outpouring of love from outside Oklahoma for me personally from friends and colleagues far away, and for the state in general.  It really matters so much.

Yes, I'm having trouble moving past this...

7. So, yesterday was the Kindergarten Revue - in theory. The above video (apologies if it is sideways???) Was the second song in the program.  Where the video ends is where the program ended.  The tornado sirens blew and we were all to go to the tornado safe rooms or take our student and go home.  There did not appear to be an immediate threat so we went home.  We were home safe and watching the other storms unfold as our kids acted crazy and we tried to teach them to love Gary, spot hook echos, and read radar maps (like you do)  (See description in  article #3 above if you are unfamiliar with this). Somehow the "living in the heart of America" seems appropriate, just now.

8.  In true resilient spirit, we tried again today.  B is, perhaps, even harder to see in this video. However, it is the song he has been loving to learn for at least a month.  As the concert progresses he does try vigilantly to be a bit more visible as you can see below.

Dress Rehearsal - M is on the far left

9. Oh, and there was M's dance recital.  Right as it was time to go to the dance recital on Sunday, we had to dash to the tornado shelter (well, as quickly as five people can move with flashlights and stuff--oh, did I mention we didn't have power for two days...right, that).  So, we hung out there for awhile as the storm passed and meteorologists called out our cross streets.  M was in the storm shelter in costume, so we hustled everyone up, everyone but M changed clothes and we made it to the recital.  She did a fabulous job!! She was a little shell shocked when I picked her up, but we loved getting to see her dance.  I did forget my "big" camera, but there will be a dvd and some phone pics as well as these that were taken at the studio earlier in the week. There are some pictures on my camera from home and dress rehearsal too, but again some technology issues....
Ballerina's need sustenance and this one got to have Braums afterwards with her support crew of friends and family--- just like we used to do after programs with our Grandparents!
 10.  On Saturday, we also went to "Touch a Truck" --- where the kids climbed all over everything (once they got over all the horn honking noises).  We also met some lovely people from Edmond Electric with power trucks who explained how they dig holes for power poles and set the poles.

Little did we know how relevant that lesson would be.  We still can't drive south on Penn from our house, which is resulting in all sorts of crazy routing around here...

Mostly, as you can tell it is just chaotic crazy town.  Tomorrow is the last day of school for the bigs and day one of two of final exams for Brent's classes.  Who knows that happens after that, but I'm hoping it is less "exciting" for awhile.

Much love to you all!

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Audra said...

I read the article about the Oklahoma skies today at work and felt like anyone of us could have been writing it. It's so true. So glad you guys are safe, my heart hurts for my beloved home state, and can't wait to get back next week. Love you!


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