Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Happy Birthday E!

Today was the big day--- E's very first birthday and we celebrated all day long!

How does one celebrate being 1? Part of me knows it is really a celebration for us, more than him, but we are celebrating him and us and what a year its been!  We began with doughnuts with his siblings and let him make a HUGE mess.  He loved every bit. 


What's not to love, when there are chocolate and sprinkles involved?

Much later in the day, after naps, work, and Daddy's return from his trip we opened a few presents.  It is hard to know what to do with a present when you've never had a real birthday present before that you could open yourself?   

With quite a lot of coaching he figured it out (with a little help from his siblings).  The first present to open was, of course, from them.  They each got to pick two things for him from the dollar spot. He loved it. 

After presents we had dinner at Humble Pie.  If E has a favorite food, it might be pizza crusts.  He is completely uninterested in the rest of the pizza, but loves to gnaw on the crust and Humble Pie has fabulous crust.  He was pretty exhausted though by the time we got home. 

We put him in his chair for cake.... but he was too sleepy to be bothered at first. 

So, we waited for Uncle Able & Kari and opened another present, which seemed to help wake him up. 

Just in time to smash some more cake and then decide it was time to party with Daddy way past his bed time.  We had a great day and I am so excited to celebrate with everyone on Saturday!

We love you so much sweet boy. I think you had a good birthday.  There was a lot of clapping through out the day and big smiles.  We sang you happy birthday three times throughout the day and gave you all the love, hugs, memories, and kisses we could.  Sweet dreams my littlest man. 

(More of birthday week is coming, but I wanted to share these right away!)
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Tracie said...

Yikes! I think I forgot to mention to tell E Happy Birthday on the phone earlier with you!! Happy Birthday Buddy!!!


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