Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

1.  At several points in the last few days there have been seven kids here and I have been the only adult.  They actually, perhaps, argue less than when it is just my three, but I still worry about the ratio at times.  I am glad, however, that they have found neighborhood friends to love and play with.

2.  New experience today -- I got to the drive-thru window at Chick-fil-a and discovered I couldn't find my wallet anywhere.  I eventually did and took my rag tag bunch (in various degrees of PJs after swimming) in to claim our food.  It was embarrassing and annoying.

3. I have no intention of scheduling evening swimming classes in June again so long as IRSP is part of our life.  It is just too much, too late in the evening with three kids and me.  The lessons themselves are actually going really well.  E, however, is not doing well in the Y child care (first the virus and now crying the whole time such that I had to rescue him).  Also the sheer logistics of getting everyone in, out, showered, and dressed is just too much at the end of the day for all of us.

4.  E's birthday is tomorrow.  I have to say, not much is ready for tomorrow. I "think" I have a decent plan for Saturday, but still have to buy groceries, decorate, and assemble the "big" wagon.  Brent is coming back early in the afternoon tomorrow from IA, which should help.

5.  Some of you may recall that my Dad loved Iowa. I think Brent may be falling in love with Iowa a bit too. Every day he has cool stories to tell and little neat things about the town.  I think despite himself that the place, if not the activity he's in, are growing on him.

6.  The babysitter debacle continues.  As you may know, we've been trying various approaches since firing our babysitter last month. Most recently, we hired someone to come here to watch one or more of the kids 15 hours a week, instead of us taking E or some combination of kids to another person's house.  That completely fell apart on the first day so we're interviewing again. ( My mom had to jump in and rescue us on zero notice.  Thanks mom. You rock!)  Time for finding an ongoing sitter is tight as I leave for Philly a week from tomorrow and we really need someone in place before that trip.

7.  I am scrapbooking again!  Not too much, but three E pages for this book in advance of the party.  It is helping the mental state a bit as well.  Sadly exercise is not happening in a world of being the only parent + sickness+ birthday week.  Soon?  I think it would help on multiple fronts as the "nutrition" regime is pretty loose here at the moment too.

8.  We had a lovely time at Grammie & Granddaddy's house on Sunday.  The kids got to play in the kiddie pool, ride bikes, and have hot dogs.  True summer fun.  I think we stressed out Granddaddy a bit, but all was well.   He is, by the way, doing quite well six months out from his stroke and goes back to work in another week or two!

9. This afternoon, in addition to swimming and chick-fil-a, we attempted to go to the library and the park.  Neither was exceptional, but a few more things marked off the list.  I really need to buy a few more things for this party and spend a bit more time focusing on B's reading and writing this week.  How are we going to fit that in? I really just need to schedule some "school" time in the mornings.

10.  M, randomly, knows what sounds every letter she sees makes, but often can't name the letter.  Isn't that weird? So clearly that is her "school" project for the summer.  We'll see how it goes.  She does love activities so I'm thinking a workbook might make her happy.  We've currently relocated our kid crafting cart to right under the dinning room table and she is LOVING that. I often find her doing projects on her own initiative there and love it.

Ok, I have to try and rest as today was just crazy town.  Thanks to Audra for the long talk and to everyone for the birthday wishes.  I (hopefully) will be back here tomorrow with more birthday musings!

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