Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

1. Yes, my computer is still broken, but maybe "someday" you'll get to see all the awesome photos on my camera from May...Sigh.

2.  Babysitter saga continues.  I'm interviewing someone tomorrow for more of a Nanny-type approach that would involve her coming here for a certain number of hours a week.

3.  Remember how last Tuesday was the ideal Summer life day.  Today was not.  Schedules were weird and out of sync.  Poor E and I went round and round about napping. It was the 1st day of Zoo camp, the first day of swimming lessons, and the 2nd day of IRSP (meaning no Brent to help with most of that chaos).

4.  I have finally managed to send out the invitations to E's birthday party.  We're now in that awkward phase where I simultaneously fear that no one will come and am terrified that way more people will come than will fit in my house.  I'm hoping the amazing weather somehow manages to continue so I can send all the small people outside to play fun vintage games (which I'm sure I'll have found the stuff for before then, right?)  We are still "light" on the monkey aspect of the party so I'm hoping Grandma graciously brings all her sock monkeys (hint, hint).

5.  E and I are getting a lot of time together.  Some days in the last week it has been so awesome.  Today, mostly frustrating.  I have started running with him again.  He seems mostly ambivalent about it.  Pushing the stroller into the wind with a 25lb baby is intense. His new hobbies include crawling laps on the couch and occasionally attempting to stand without holding on to anything.  He is completely adorable and snuggly most of the time.  We took pictures with Heather on Thursday and I'm excited to see how they turn out.

6.  As noted, M had swimming lessons for the first time today.  She was a little bit more nervous and tentative than I would have anticipated.  I actually think it would have been better if she had started her class right away rather than sitting with me to watch most of B's class.  His class was easy for him and seemed to go well, but strangely she was increasingly concerned.  Ultimately, with lots of encouragement from me, she did most of the skills in her class save for the last fun one which is jumping in the pool to her teacher.  This, she absolutely refused to do.  (By the way, yes, taking three kids to the Y alone in the evening for two different swimming lessons starting at different times, but overlapping is complicated.  More so when some of those children are of the opposite gender in the wacky rules around Y dressing rooms... I digress)

7.  Zoo Camp - M is in zoo camp for the first time.  Her class is called "Lions, Tigers, and Bears, oh my!" I think it went OK, but her report was fairly thin. B's class is called "Zooper Heroes." Each day there is a connection between some zoo creature and a super hero.  Today, for example, they learned about spiders ("Spiderman")  and tomorrow they will be learning about bats ("Batman").  B is a Zoo Camp expert as he's been going to little classes and camps at the zoo basically since we moved to Oklahoma when he was 18 months old. I'm sure with a little more practice M will be right at home as well.

8.  Our Scrapbook Supply Drive seems to be going very well from what I'm hearing in social media.  So far, only two boxes have made their way to me, but many more are in transit to me or the store.  Please send me names of anyone that might benefit from this project as we'd like to help as many people as possible. Jennifer McGuire has been an amazing support of this project and shared it on her blog post today about Giving Back.  It was so exciting to see our little project featured and I'm hoping we'll be able to help many more people thanks to all her support!  She is donating $1 from each card camp registration this summer as well so please check the above link if you are interested in card camp with Jennifer!

9.  As part of IRSP, Brent took his students to see the new Star Trek movie.  Of course, none of them knew virtually anything about Star Trek and his attempts at explaining sound hilarious.  I think we're becoming old.

10.  I need more rest.  E has decided that waking up between 5:45 and 6:30 is the way to go.  The good news is he is ready for a nap by 9:30, the less good news is that we haven't adapted by going to sleep any earlier.  With that in mind, I'm off to rest as there is much to do before Brent's trip (He is leaving on Sunday for several days as clearly we needed to make things tougher) as he will be back just in time for E's 1st birthday!  Fun times and challenges abound, but we're going to make it work!

(Ps.  If you would like to read about the adventures at Farm Camp that I mostly missed check out Audra and my Mom's blogs for highlights and pictures!   

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