Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

1.  Good news! IRSP is over!  It went out with all sorts of fun in the last week including Brent attending a OKC Redhawks game and everyone getting a Redhawks hat.  (Yes, getting all three of them to look good in a photo is a struggle). I am so delighted when Brent just comes home at the normal time now.  It is great. Also, E does not have red hair despite this photo...

2.  For Father's Day we grilled for Brent's parents and they brought all of our kids Superman capes.  M tells me we now have six Superman capes, which is great, right?

City Hall
3.  My trip to Philadelphia went well.  I had some good sessions and wonderful time with friends and colleagues.  My tourist time began with a run on Thursday morning.  It was beautiful and I ran a 9 minute mile (which is big for me whose life goal was to be running 10 minute miles). Also a miracle as I have been running much less lately.  It felt great and I was just sure I'd be running Philly a second time on Saturday (but then got the plague). 
Random cool building near my hotel
4.  I did walk the neighborhood near my hotel everyday.  We tried some excellent food at Amis and Alma de Cuba.  It was neat to just explore all the old streets and even a local toy store. 

5.  Then Thursday afternoon Stephanie and I boldly wandered off the beaten tourist path to Bartram Gardens.  It was a sort of bizarre mass transit ride, but I was hoping for something out doors and this was lovely.  The gardens are lovely and date back to the Revolutionary War.  It was a lovely haven in the middle of the city.  I wanted to go to the Morris Arboretum, but it was not really accessible by mass transit so maybe if I visit again someday. I think we can thank my parents for my compulsively visiting gardens and arboretums wherever I travel. 

5.  This lovely church was also in my neighborhood.  It was quite uplifting in the Saturday morning light when I had totally lost my voice and felt horrible. It is so interesting how many old interesting churches, businesses, and row houses are still intact and mixed in with more modern glass buildings in Philadelphia.  Also, I'm delighted that I can take photos like this with my phone.  I think I'm trading in my phone this week in hope of getting more memory and a bigger screen.  

6.  We also walked back to Independence Hall.  It has such lovely gardens and views. I really like that we could see the liberty bell from outside without fighting the crowds.  After all this walking, I did walk back and put on my little black dress and have dinner with the outside counsel in a fancy restaurant.  (and then walked 1.3 miles back to our hotel in the middle of the night, yes I brought my ortho flip flops for just such occasion). 

7.  Meanwhile, back on the home front, Brent, Grandma, and babysitter Ms. A were keeping things pulled together. I rather think the bigs had fabulous time at the farm.  E struggled a bit missing me and his siblings and still transitioning to milk. (Good news, he now is drinking milk, taking two naps, and happier). 

8.  So, today I boldly cut both boy's hair after watching some utube videos with M yesterday (which might have been a bad idea as we've had to note that she can only cut paper Many times today).  The good news, is that they are less bad than the last time I tried this with B in 2008.  The less good news is that they are not that great.  Sigh.  I do sort of think that for $360 a year I can probably figure this out.  B was remarkably patient.  E, less so.  

9.  I'm told swimming didn't go that well for B today.  Not sure what that was about, but this is one  of the rare things he does not get to quit as it is a life skill/safety issue so I hope Thursday is better. M continues to be a happy little fish.  I'm told both did quite well swimming in Great-Granddaddy's pool last weekend and I'm sorry I missed out on the fun.

10.  Ok, so we're going to Estes Park, CO very soon.  I'm still trying to figure out how to get all our stuff there without a ton of baggage fees.  Brent is still completely unphased by the whole deal.  I am excited to see everyone and just a wee bit nervous about it all working with so many small kids.   Today, B and I were doing our periodic mini-home school sessions and one of the questions was where would you like to travel in the whole world and why? His response: Colorado to see the mountains.  So, good news, B's dreams are coming true!
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