Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

1. Hooray! I think the baybsitter chaos is finally settling down.  We have a lovely new babysitter that the boys seem to be having a great time with.  M is at camp so we'll get her opinion next week, but so far, so good. (Praying)

2. With the return of a more normal work/life break I'm able to actually not work, when it isn't my work hours.  Yesterday, I was inspired by an email from Big Picture Classes (If you've never taken a class there you can sign up for free here using my referral link).  Yesterday's email was about an upcoming class called "Kidding Around 4"  I have looked at this class every summer, but my kids were always too young.  They "might" be old enough this year so I signed up using the KIDFUN code for $7 off the price (expires at midnight!)

3. So, what did we make from the fun email?  We made some fun sidewalk chalk paint out of equal parts water and corn starch with a bit of food coloring as well. Above are the results.

4. I leave for Philadelphia in the morning.  NO, I'm not remotely prepared.  I am looking forward to seeing my friends, learning some new things, exercising, and relaxing.  (We'll see if all of that gets done :)

5. M is going to art camp at MDO and having a great time.  There are a wider range of ages in her class than usual, but she seems fine with it and is making lots of fun paintings.

6.  E got so many lovely things from friends and family for his birthday.  One interesting bit is noticing trends across time.  The strongest immediate reaction he had to the toys at his party was to this brown puppy.  Brent and I smiled at each other across the room as this was actually the third of these characters in our home.  Each child has been given one by a different person on their first birthday.  Kind of a neat thing, right?

7.  Brent is wrapping up IRSP this week.  It is hard that he has to work late, but kind of neat that he gets to have some summer fun with this students.  He manages to go to a Redhawks game, Shakespeare in the park, and a neuro night lecture each summer along with a variety of things that are different each year.  Tonight will be my last night of IRSP this summer.  I think we will all be relieved when Friday comes and we can move on to a more real family summer experience.

8.  E is not doing as well transitioning from formula to milk as the other kids.  It is getting a little better each day and he seems to enjoy other liquids like water, lemonade or orange juice.  I think he is hydrating enough, but is definitely getting more of his nutrients from actual food versus milk.  That actual food is largely summer fruits at the moment as he loves blueberries, strawberries, and watermelon.

9.  The donations keep flowing in for the healing scraps project.  It is so encouraging.  I think when I get back from my travels we'll begin our focus on the distribution more clearly.  If you have any ideas of the best way to get these to victims or good organizations to work with to identify those that might want some of these products, we would greatly appreciate it.  We have some leads, but additional ideas are appreciated.

10.  We are traveling to a big family gathering in CO soon.  All five of us will fly together for the first time.  The pure logistics of moving all of us, renting cars, bringing car seats, etc... is kind of daunting.  Any suggestions for air travel with a big family would be good or for things to see and do in Estes Park.

Have a beautiful summer week!

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