Friday, July 12, 2013

Five on Friday

1.  Ok, I am in love with watercolor pencils.  They are 100% the best solution to kids painting to every cross my type A radar.  Better still my kids love coloring with them too! B plans to make 30 paintings and make them into a book.  AND I love painting with them as well.  GO get some mamas.  We have these and this water pen, but I think a paintbrush would work ok if your kids are old enough to exercise some control of how much water is too much.

2. My Studio Calico Kit arrived and I immediately used almost the entire partial pack of these "Picture Perfect" Die Cuts from Basic Grey.  Totally something I wouldn't buy, but am enjoying.
Image via Athleta

3. Running Skirts -- it is becoming clear as days heat up that running skirts are going to be a good thing.  This is the one I'm trying, the verdict isn't in yet as it just arrived in the mail, but so far, I love the concept.  Do you have a favorite running skirt?

4.  Myriad Gardens Summer Programming - The Myriad Gardens have really stepped up their game this summer.  There is something so fun to do almost every day and so may evening performances on the lawn.  Today, we painted garden gnomes and had a blast.  So fun and a beautiful setting.  Check out the list as there is something for everyone. Also, the cool water play place was working today. My kids were so excited they ran through it in their daytime clothes to test it out.  We'll be back soon!

5.  Zucchini Lasagna - We had this for dinner and I loved it.  It was maybe a tiny bit watery, but so flavorful and delicious.  Not so popular with the kids, but a great way to have summer veggies. 

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