Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Healing Scraps for Oklahoma --- Update!

We have a location and times set for distribution of all the wonderful donations that have been pouring in from around the US and even internationally.  All the details are below.  Please share with anyone that may be impacted and I would appreciate suggestions for organizations we should be sharing this information to help spread the word.  Thanks so much for your wonderful support throughout this project. I am so excited to get these amazing crafting supplies to those that lost theirs!

(The original post is here if you want more information.  There is still time to donate!)

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Anonymous said...

Hello from Ohio!
It's Friday and two more boxes were dropped at the post office today (that's 5 boxes!!). Delivery might be just in time for pickup.....

We have enjoyed gathering supplies for sharing with our 'scrappin' friends in OK.

Wish we could be there when the supplies are selected for documenting new memories.

- Linda & Leila


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