Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

1.  On Sunday, we attempted to have brunch with Tracie and Sarah, but actually left before their food arrived due to crazy kids and getting there 20 minutes early than they did.  She looks so cute an innocent with the downtown Edmond statutes though, right?

2.  On Saturday, we went to see Monsters University with Granddaddy while Grammie & E stayed home.  M was, as often happens, scared by the movie (it is about "scarers" after all).  Aside from that, it was fun. 

3.  As promised all week long we went bowling! I've consistently refused to take all three kids bowling by myself and feel that was justified as E just was not in to the watching quietly for the whole time.  He did like to explore and check out all the bowling balls.  M & E absolutely loved it.  We had a coupon from the library program for Red Pin downtown so B bowled for free and they got a bit fancier bowling alley experience than the ones of my youth.  For example, the bumpers would pop up  (the look like little fences) when it was one of the kids' turns and then disappear when it was Brent's turn.  B won handily and cannot wait to go again. 

4.  This guy is full of tricks.  He walks so much now.  Sometimes it looks like he is taking his blanket on a little walk as he will walk in a circle in the living room/dining room area over and over and is so delighted.  He also carried these blocks around quite a bit.  He has been known to throw them at people so be careful!  

5. We again are between babysitters.  In theory we have a person starting soon, but with limited availability so the week before school starts still needs to be filled in.  It is crazy, crazy, and a bunch of juggling schedules.  Brent has a lot more flexibility right now than he will in two weeks so that "should" help.

6.  I have managed to run three out of the last four days,which is awesome.  The runs themselves have largely been less so.  My heel, for example, hurts like crazy, and afterwards I gimp around and spend lots of time stretching.  I "know" I need to go to the running store and get new shoes, but again, refuse to do it alone with all three kids.  I am tempted to buy some online, but think given my heel issues I should probably run on the treadmill for them and try on a few pair despite my love for my altras...hmmmm.... 

7.  We also went to Barnes & Noble on a coupon related adventure-- the coupon was a bust as you got a free piece of paper anyone can pick up.  You then fill in 8 books you read and bring it back for a free book. We were not impressed.  Anyway, we did get some work books, a snack, and have some fun playing. Yes, I did bring in my jogging stroller as B&N is also a place where I have discovered it is best to have a clear exit strategy. (Oddly, my kids don't want to leave and DO want everything in the store... don't we all).

8.  So, M still hasn't made it quite to the mystical 14 days of no wet bed required to earn her bicycle.  We've been very close and have been far.  Monday morning she and E both completely messed their bedding up so it promptly became laundry central.  I believe there were four, possibly five loads on Monday.   I was not impressed...

9.  Front loading laundry is fascinating though.  E sits around and peers at what is inside (particularly when his blanket is in there) and is just tall enough to reach some buttons.  I have similar pictures of M at this age.  I have also been known to hide in here and take work phone calls on less noisy laundry days.  My life is weird.

10.  Today was absolutely one of those days where I ran clear to the end of my patience with the heat, "I wants," whines, crying, and being pouty.  I eventually put the whole crazy lot of them in to rest time for an hour before swimming.  I'm not sure it helped M that much as she was equally non-compliant after swimming. I, however, spent swimming lesson time running and was in a much better mental place to reenter the fray.  I am not sure Brent could say the same.  Perhaps he should exercise more? Or somehow M will become mystically easier to get along with when we're back on a schedule and she is 4? Who knows, right now she is sometimes completely amazing, and sometimes completely frustrating.  

Oh, and my mom had wrist surgery yesterday (which she neglected to tell me was happening until the night before!!) Good news is she is fine and resting happily at my grandpa's house, but I'm sure would love to hear from her blog friends too.

Have a great day!
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