Sunday, August 11, 2013

Scrappy Sunday

Back to pages from the Hello Story Class. (Apologies, I have no idea why, but the gold mist on this just makes the photo look odd).  In any case, I used the timeline idea to do a timeline of our very busy day on the fourth of July!

Yes, I did do 3x more pages for the 4th this year than is normal (normal is between 0 and 1 for me).  This one talks about taking the kids to see the fireworks at Liberty Fest for the first time!  I love the paper on the top third. It worked perfectly to highlight this very month-centric event. 

This page and I have struggled a bit.  I'm still not completely loving it, but I'm letting it go.  The story is about B being obsessed with tooth brushes when we first moved here.  These photos are actually from Thanksgiving morning when he was about 20 months old. 

Finally, a page about lady M and the end of school last May.  Looking at the pictures I decided to frame it as the beginning of summer, not the end of the school year.  I used the very last bits from the old City of Lights SC kit and had a great time backing each letter in the stencil (of course I backed all of them before remembering that a large number would be covered by the photos.... Right.

Have a scrappy week!
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