Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

1.  Day two of Healing Scraps was a rousing success helped along in large measure by local TV news coverage.  We gave away so many things, but there is much more there.  Starting tomorrow it is open to public school teachers for classroom use as well.  

2.  Sunday Brent had to work all afternoon and into the evening.  I took the kids on an outing to the Science Museum.  This was really our first outing like this with E mobile and on the go (not in the stroller for the most part).  It went really well for the first 1.5 hours and then it was a huge debacle.  Clearly I know that 1.5 hours is how long we should stay and really should have left then.  Lesson learned and one six year old went to bed very early.

3.  We're basically set for back to school and diligently not talking about it too much as we think that anxiety may be part of B's behavior issues of late.  We did get the excellent news that he will once again be a member of the Dragonflies soccer team come September.  It will be great to reunite with the old crew and hopefully he loves being back on the soccer field.  We bought yet another pair of cleats and a soccer ball... I really should be keeping count of how many soccer balls we purchase over time.  It is astonishing. 

3. Last year, I was on maternity leave during the summer and instituted what I hope will be a new tradition of visiting the Wainrights in Tulsa just before school starts.  Today was our second annual back to school play day. This time we began with a visit to the Tulsa discovery lab.  It was very popular, hands on, and lots of fun. Above, M is in the toddler area learning about color. 

4.  They also have a make and take room. The theme this month is "fiber arts."  There were maybe 10 different projects to choose from in the general topic.  Both bigs chose to make pillows and diligently sewed around the edges with yarn and a plastic needle before stuffing them full of scraps.  Clearly we need to go get some plastic needles and yarn for more of this fun as I literally had to tear them away as E ran out of patience.

4.  The big play feature right now at the discovery lab is this awesome tape tunnel that runs through a few tree house type areas ending in a hug slide (See B going down like a penguin in the first photo).  B loved going through it and it made for some awesome photos (all iphone btw as not enough hands for the real deal).  There was also this smaller version that lil'E enjoyed. 

5.  After lunch, we went back and spent all afternoon playing and chatting with our friends. It was such a fun day.  I did miss the daddies and remembered that driving makes me sleepy.  I am so excited to do it again next year!

6. My mom is off in the wilds of New Mexico somewhere beyond cell service, but if you see this mom, we miss you and be safe!

7. There is a lot of hair experimenting going on here.  M has started sucking on her hair so we're experimenting with ways to keep it away from her face until she can get a hair cut from cousin Janna.  B, meanwhile, is trying out spiking up some of his hair with gel.  M, of course, then wanted some in her hair and could not comprehend how it wasn't going to work the same way.  We put some in anyway...

8.  For almost all of the summer B & M have gotten along so well.  They have had these imaginary adventures and been quite the team.  Strangely, that is falling apart right now. The over analyzing person in me suspects it is also tied to back to school and mostly B's doing as he keeps telling her she isn't a big girl, etc... but whatever the cause it is so sad.  He oddly seemed to be the most this way with our most recent babysitter who was also a 1st grade teacher (not at his school).  I've so loved their togetherness this summer and have high hopes for a bit more peace again when our routines settle in. 

9.  Brent's school has already started and is full of the usual back to school excitement.  This semester he is teaching Vertebrate Zoology.  It is his second pass at teaching this course and he's feeling much more comfortable than he was last fall at this time.

10.  One week from today B will start 1st grade.  The next day, M and E will begin their year at MDO.  The summer has passed so crazily fast, slow, and everywhere in between.  Back to school preparations have gone on in fits and spurts for a week.  I think I'll outline somewhere all the things that entails to remember later, but for now.  I'm going to rest and savor every moment I can playing in summer's waning days. 

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