Sunday, August 18, 2013

Scrappy Sunday

This layout makes me laugh.  You see, I did this late at night and was oh so sure that background cardstock was navy... for a sort of gold and blue (GW) theme.  As you can plainly see it is actually green and therefor things don't go quite as well together as I'd hoped.  Ah well, the rest of it is nice, right?

I made this page in maybe 20 minutes after taking all of these supplies out of my Two Peas order.  I Love it.  Simple, beautiful and just right.  The photo is by Heather Warren. 

One week in Hello Story we were talking about direction and I started with that in mind here. I ended up somewhere else, but I like these moments of laughter with E that Heather Warren captured. 

One more from the first week of Hello Story.  The design is nearly a complete scraplift of Ali's work from that week, but I'm using it to tell a different type of story.  This isn't a timeline story, but rather a look at each of us/our family at this one moment in time.  Each piece of journaling is three sentences beginning with "I love." I do love this layout. (All photos by Heather Warren)
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