Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ten on Tuesday: Back to School

This post is full of pictures and all about the 1st day of school and may or may not contain 10 items.  Proceed at your own risk as this week is full of crazy at our house. 

1. First picture of our first day of first grade photos.  I think B may be getting well-trained as I got zero push back on the photos (which I'd planned to gamely ditch if necessary).  I even got a few smiles with a new strategy we'll call "E".

2.  I like this contemplative one.  This is kind of where he was this morning.  He wasn't super excited about going and he wasn't super sad either.  Just sort of ready. He got up early, got ready promptly, did exactly whatever I told him to do, and was a good sport about every bit.  I was much encouraged after going to bed worrying about some of his behavior of late. 

3.  This is his new, very random, back pack.  He has almost no clue what it is about, but says it is related to Pokemon (sp?) and cool.  The paper showing is his "homework" from the summer for Ms. Sheetz.  We haven't managed to get it to her yet with all the business the first day, but we'll get it there. 

4.  "The Hair" - admittedly we spend WAY more time on M's hair than the boys combined.  However, lately B has wanted to try spiking it up and we have some gel for this at last.  His current hair cut is, admittedly, not the best (yes, I did it and I'm learning... I hope).  The spiking it up is an excellent way to hide the fact that the bangs are too short and not straight as well as the added cool factor. Several of his guy friends (ok, almost all of them) do this often.  He loved it.  It "fell by the end of the day, but we'll figure it out.  He also cites it as being like Uncle Carl, which is cool too. 

5.  We'll call these his "solo" shots. I think this one leaning against the wall is my favorite.  Red brick is great for school pics, right? (Why I didn't think of this spot ages ago is a mystery as it is totally out of the sun, which bothers his eyes an unusual amount). 

6.  I am not sure what's up with the hands here, but love them together.  So sweet. 

7.  This and the next (many) pics are smiles and entertainment by E as we attempt to get all three kids in the picture looking vaguely the same direction (I don't think we really succeed, but we all found it hilarious)

8.  When we get here you notice a hole in E's overalls. I swear this was not there when we put them on, but cannot for the life of me imagine how he managed to do it.  In real life, I didn't notice this hole for at least another hour--- the perils of being the baby on back to school day. 

9.  Ok, so we managed to make it to school and park at the church next door as we're too experienced to even attempt the parking lot on days like this.  B's school supplies were all set on his desks.  We arranged them all inside (or he tossed them in... ahem).  We did fill up his pencil case with all of those new markers and crayons, which was sort of cathartic.  

He got out his good buddy Chickie who will be attending the first week of first grade with him and began the assignment of making a playdough bear.  (It is actually bear week and bringing your favorite teddy bear to school is part of the theme.  However, they are encouraged to bring their favorite stuffed animal and his just happens to be this awesome chipmunk we got in Colorado this summer). 

10.  Eventually, after puttering around for awhile taking pictures of him and letting him take pictures of us we decided it was time to go.  He hugged each of us (I was wearing E so he got double hugs).  This picture of him hugging M who has been at times this summer his best friend and at times the most annoying part of his day, just broke my heart.  I got about 1/2 a hall length before I REALLY wanted to go back in for one more hug.  I resisted.  M asked me why we were being so quiet and soft on the way back to the car so we talked about how much I miss them at school and that saying goodbye even for a few hours is sad.  She agreed.

Post-script: I "think" the day went fairly well. We, as usual, don't get too many details.  We know he hung out with some of his Kindergarten besties at recess and had pizza for lunch.  He had recess, gym,  and there may have been a song.  He read a book and has 18 kids in his class five of which, including him were in Ms. Sheetz's class last year (note there are SEVEN 1st grade classes at his school this year).  His teacher was OK and I guess everything was?  He is very concerned about getting this paper to Ms. Sheetz.  I also walked right past him when I picked him up--- which he was not happy about.  Anyway, we found each other and made it home for more pizza, snowcones, and gymnastics for lady M. As I was retelling some of the story to Grandma this evening he laid right on top of me and gave me little pats. He admits it was a long day and that he's tired.  It is nice that he recognizes and can vocalize that now. 

We'll likely have her M's 1st day story tomorrow. It will be E's first day tomorrow too at MDO and packing his tiny backpack this evening already almost had me in tears.

Tomorrow will also be B's first time riding the bus in the morning.  This was a big problem last year when we attempted it, but we're thinking positive thoughts. (It will also be his first day bringing a lunch... in case you're keeping track of all the firsts we are cramming in to the 1st week of having our 1st child in 1st grade :)
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