Friday, September 6, 2013

Five on Friday

Can you believe we've already finished three weeks of school? (In fairness, none of our kids have made it a full week yet due to sick days last week).  In any case, a few of our back to school items have risen to the top of our favorites list and I wanted to share them here in case you are still on the hunt!

1.  EasyLunchBoxes-  These are working really well for M & E who take their lunch every day.  There is plenty of room, they fit in their lunch boxes, and we can keep wet fruit away from the muffins, crackers, or bread that might be elsewhere in their lunch.  They don't work well for B, who takes his lunch twice a week, because they just don't fit in his Star Wars lunch box (it is new this summer and we have lots of other choices that he can use).

2. Glitter Pumas - M, sadly, was blessed with her mama's hard to fit feet so shoe shopping for her is always difficult (and usually expensive) if we want them to actually fit.  We happened on to these Pumas while trying to go to Stride Rite (it is randomly closed here for renovation).  I think everyone we've seen since buying them has wanted their own pair, I know I do.  M loves them and wears them all the time.  So cute, well made, functional, and easy for her to put on herself.

3.  Itzy Ritzy reusible bags - we have probably 6-8 reusable bags floating around hour house at any given time.  We previously had been buying the Reusie brand (mostly because they have great groupon deals).  However, they keep falling apart, being stained, and getting lost.  When it came time to replenish at the start of this year, I bought one sandwich and three snack size versions of the Itzy Ritzy bags.  So far, they are working much better.  The zipper is of good quality and the inner material is more stain replent/easy to clean as well.  Now, if we can just keep track of them for awhile.  (Yes, these are what most of the non-prepackaged things in B's lunch are sent using).

4.  Dang Toasted Coconut Chips - Ok, so realistically these don't appear in my kids' lunches much as they are way expensive and I don't have a good local source.  I have to include them however, because M and I adore them and they are a favorite after school snack. We get ours via amazon's subscribe and save feature on the recommendation of Cool Mom Picks and, just wow. If only they were a tad less pricey they'd be a more regular feature.

5.  Straw Bottles - During the back to school shopping trips at Target my kids desperately wanted these steel straw cups.  They were not cheap and I was very hesitant.  However, B historically is not good about drinking enough water during the day and I thought this might incentivize that.  M got a similar version with Barbie on it (E has a straw cup also, but it is plastic and matches his lunch box, obviously).  Good news! For once my plan actually worked.  It turns out B is allowed to bring a water bottle to class every day so this travels with him everywhere.  He drinks it right up and carries it on all of our outings. Win!  M, somehow may have lost the lid to hers while at B's soccer practice.... so, maybe not a total win, but perhaps we'll find it somewhere soon.

What is working for your kids this school year.  Any suggestions? We're still very much learning and love lunch ideas in particular as 12 lunches per week is a lot of things to pack!

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Chrissie said...

Packing lunches is so hard! Serenity doesn't eat sandwiches, so nearly every lunch last year was sliced turkey, gogurt, string cheese, whatever fruit I had on hand and some form of cracker. This year she's going five days a week and I'm so worried she's going to burn out on that, even with pizza Friday. So I ordered a thermos "funtainer" from Amazon to try and send something like mac and cheese some days. She also does pasta salad sometimes, which is basically her lunch meat, cheese, tomatoes, and some noodles added. =)


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