Sunday, September 8, 2013

Scrappy Sunday

Last week, was all about my new Project Life pages, but they will remain only part of my memory keeping tool box.  I still continue and love making regular scrapbook pages and telling bigger stories.  This first page was inspired by Ali Edwards' Hello Story class at Big Picture classes. The theme was maps and I took her challenge to take a map of where I live and talk about why I live there.  In a hilarious turn of events I glued this cool watercolor map via on "upside down" by normal standards so my compass rose becomes not just pretty, but critical and that X marks our spot (roughly).  It isn't a page I would have thought to do, but very glad to have told this story. 

This page is part of my ongoing series of 8x10 photos of our kids.  From ages 2+ there are 2 8x10 photo layouts by year in their albums (in theory), but for the first year there are five for each of the professional photo shoots that year.  This one is E's 9 month photo by Heather Warren. I really like how the MME "chalkboard" pieces turned out.  I bought these on a whim while at my LSS Paper Crown and am really enjoying them. The stamping around the edges is repeating stamps from my August SC kit. I'm not much of a stamper, but really liked the August SC stamps in both the scrapbook and PL kits.  (Most of the journaling is from his 9 moth post here).

We have an evolving family tradition of walking/riding to Sonic. I think I probably do roughly one layout a year about these adventures and here is the 2013 version.  It didn't work out quite as planned, but it is ok and I'm glad the story is in the book. 

Last month, M turned 4 and I published her birthday interview on my blog.  Here is what that looks like translated to a scrapbook page. 

A few weeks ago I posted a list of the major things we'd done this summer (written with 3 days left before school started).  I translated that list to a double page layout based on some idea's from the Hello Story class and added a few representative photos. I also had to add a few more things in the hand written journaling that happened in the last few days of summer. 

Here they are together and here I go to keep trying Project Life and the big stories too.  Both are going well, but I'm still working out how they fit together and enjoying the 30 days of lists project too. (You can still join that anytime). 

Week in the life is starting later this month and thoughts about December Daily are already percolating, if you can imagine.  I will be doing both and sharing in this space.  Let me know if you're interested in joining me!
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