Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Ten on {Wednesday} DC Edition

1.  I am in DC for just a few days.  The first day or so has sped by so incredibly quickly.  Time flies much faster when working in person.  (The volume of projects at present might also be contributing).

2.  I got up and ran this morning.  I ran down the hill past the State Dept, Pharmacy, and Istitute of Peace buildings, past the Lincoln, WWII, Korean, and Vietnam memorials, past the Washington Monument and the White house and back through DC and GW's campus.  It was so lovely.  Perfect weather beautiful, new route and a really good run.

3. This week M & E had Grandparents day at school.  It seemed well timed as Grandma B is helping so much with the pick up/drop of routine this week that she get a little extra school treat too. SO exciting to M.
4. This evening I had a wonderful, long, rich, leisurely dinner with my friend Heather here.  It is so incredibly wonderful to get these moments together and certainly one of my great joys that I still get to come back here and reconnect in person with people that I care about.

5. Did you see? My sister and her family are moving home.  I simply could not be more overjoyed and excited!  I know it is a stressful and in some ways sad time having been through some of this myself, but I cannot wait to get to spend time with her family on an oh so regular basis!

6.  This Saturday is the Savory Spice Shop OKC is hosting its first anniversary party.  There is a sweet and savory pie baking contest in the morning.  Entries are due by 11 am with judging and taste tests for everyone to follow.  The winner in each category takes home a $50 gift certificate and a Savory Spice apron.  If you are interested in participating stop by the shop for the details or call 405.525.9119.  There will also be sliders grilled in the parking lots, lots of tasty treats, and other fun happening in and around the store.  Of course we'll be right in the thick of it, I'm sure.

7. Audra and her sons are coming to visit for this big party weekend. The trip was planned prior to knowing about the move, but I'm so excited to have them here (or, erm, there as it were as I'm not actually there just now).

8.  Isn't fall lovely? I love the slight chill in the mornings, the warmth of the afternoon, the beautiful sunsets. It is all so very nice and we're having a great time enjoying being out doors of late.

9.  E's feet/legs are improving from last week's malaise.  They still look a bit rough, but don't seem to be bothering him as much.  This was, by far, the worst case of hand foot and mouth I've seen (and the third time it has visited our house).  I am very much hoping it doesn't pass our way again.

10. I have a hard time transitioning from home and walking out the door. I spend lots of "deep thought time" in transition, but I always come back to how lucky I am and always love it when I'm here.  I like that I am able to be present in both and have learned to make the transition in between (although there is some in the hours leading up to my departure from OK--- it is just so hard to leave my sweet babes).  I think the "break" is good for me. I think imersing with my colleagues and my work is good for me. I think living in OK with my family is very good for me too. How rare and wonderful that I get to work this way.  

Night night.  Next week, I'll be in OK and will blog from a regular computer so you can see some images from our adventures.    

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Jamie said...

I did just read Audra's post... WHAT?!?!? I am oddly excited! I feel like I am moving back to Oklahoma! How incredibly exciting! WAHOO!!! How awesome for you all!!!


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