Friday, September 13, 2013

Week in the Life: Friday

8:08 am: Grandma stayed the night and was around for morning fun.  Here, I think B is explaining his game and M is rounding people up for a puppet show. 

8:10 am - B made these "community helper" puppets at school and there was a small performance this evening.  E wandered back there too and was very confused, but of course needed to have on.  I did fine one of the community helpers in with the 9x13 in pans this evening.  Apparently the teacher wandered off...

8:20 am - Grandma came to the bus stop and listened to stories along the way.  B was very excited about his day as the summer reading party was today, along with it being lunch box and soccer day. 

8:35 am - Every year I include a picture of our house with my WITL binder so here is this year.s  Everything is cool and green this morning after yesterday's rain. (I was chasing E down the sidewalk when this was taken)
9:35 am - Dropped M off in Ms. Sarah's class.  She immediately began play dough time.  I hear today they did a taste test of different colors of apples, galloped at speeds to match the music during music class, and made apples with beads glued to each to match the number on the apple.  You may be able to see that she has a different dress on here than before, because of course I let everyone get covered in popscicles again today. 
10:49 am - I asked Brent to submit a photo from his work day for some perspective on what was going on there.  As you can see, he was taking a picture of a chicken embryo with a microscope (obviously).  Our jobs are so dramatically different. 
12:57pm - I did not like the first thing I made for lunch so I reverted back to my popcorn standby with a sprinkling of Memphis BBQ Rub (I don't know if you can see the ingredients, but they include both sugar and spice and I love it). 

2:34 pm - Time to pick up the kids.  Here is E right before he noticed I was there.  I have found him playing at this kitchen at pick up time several days this week.  I'm told he was awesome as usual. Both kids ate every bit of their lunch and have a new Scentsy fundraiser to bring home.  He also had some stamp art and had music class, but I'm less clear on what he did there :)

3:16 pm - A Friday trip to Target is becoming a ritual for the littles and me before picking up B.  We are typically completely out of milk, fruit, bread, cheese, and vegetables at this point.  As I'm not sure if we'll make it to the farmer's market in the morning we did some restocking and bought three more gallons of milk. E is increasingly fussy about riding in carts and wants to be held all the time. He is heavy and this is tough while pushing the cart that often has 40+ lbs of 4 yr old hanging off of it.  As I was paying I came up with the brilliant idea of giving him one of the mini bagels we just bought, which he loves, and that did seem to help dramatically.  I think he likes using them as a chew toy as much as actually eating them. On the way to pick-up M was crying about not having a sister.  I, of course, am sad about this too. It was rough. 

3:50 pm - Next up, pick up.  Due to a fairly quick run through Target we were about 10-15 minutes earlier to pick up than usual. You will notice however that we still got him in the car at about the same time.  Here, he is telling me all about the awesome dinosaur themed summer reading program party.  They had chocolate pudding, got pizza coupons and a dog tag, made a dino craft and watched a dino movie before stomping around in dino feet made out of Kleenex boxes.  He is so excited to get to do it again next year and was begging us to let him do the reading program again (obviously we agreed enthusiastically).  He also brought home his Friday folder.  Brent and I looked through it and are concerned that not much new seems to be happening and that there is an obsessive focus on colors--- which were learned years ago.  We're trying to be patient, but worried he may be bored soon. 

4:34 pm - At home, M was clearly ready to play.  I'm not really sure what is happening here, but loved the hair and E's cute grin. Also, note that E is on outfit #2 after spilling his water all over himself during the pickup process.

4:35 pm - One minute later, M is building her home/castle/fort with the curtains.  She made beds for E, me, and her.  The day/night cycle is very quick in M land so there was lots of going to sleep and waking up in this game.  E also, somehow, became our cousin and would occasionally crawl all over us. 
6:18 pm- Brent & B went to Dragonfly soccer practice.  B is the one with the blue/yellow shoes. I'm told it went well and B scored a goal.  He tells me they did some  passing drills, tried to take the ball from each other and did a bit of running practice, which made him very tired. 

6:32pm - M, E, and I arrived at the gym at 5:58 with my brilliant plan to run while the boys were at soccer.  I then realized child care closed at 6:30.  After a moment of debate I decided to just go do what I could so I quickly dropped them off, had a 27 min run, picked them up, and went outside to stretch together.  The kids all love to exercise and play on this bike rack.  E is at my feet playing with rocks, of course. M wanted me to send this picture to her Daddy, and of course I obliged. 

6:53 pm - Back home it was E's bath time and M was trying to convince me to zip her in her jacket backwards. 

6:54pm - E had a little bath.  Mid-way through some neighbor kids arrived and whisked M off to their house for smores.  

7:21 pm - E and I had maybe 30 minutes home alone.  He was very fussy after his bath so we snuggled and sang together until he fell asleep and the big boys came home and found us:) Grandma arrived shortly thereafter and had dinner while Brent retrieved M from across the street.

8:00 pm - While B showered, M and Grandma "read" this big brother book. M mostly just has it memorized, but they worked on some letter recognition and using logic to figure out what was happening.

8:08 pm - Grandma read two Beatrix Potter stories with the big kids before the normal teeth brushing, songs, and bed routine. Grandma and I "might" have had a sweet snack after they went to sleep.  I then took a shower and encouraged Mom to go to sleep early tonight as she had been so tired and has to work again tomorrow.

10:00 E has woken up fussy once, but put himself back to sleep.  Brent is playing video games while I manage pictures and blog.  A quiet Friday night in the big town.
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