Thursday, September 12, 2013

Week in the Life: Thursday

6:45 am - Brent gets up and M immediately joins me in bed having had a nightmare.  She is not so snuggly in the morning and basically would like to get up.  We decide to wait for Daddy while I stretch out my feet.  Daddy & M have breakfast while I get ready and shortly after Brent leaves the boys get up for round two of breakfast while I make lunches. By 7:45 we're mostly ready, although E is still very slowly eating his frozen blueberries.

8:00 Brent starts teaching Vertebrate Zoology. By 8:17 we're all quickly moving to the bus stop and B is, again pulling the littles. B is eating again, an english muffin this time.

8:27 am: The bus stop trip is pretty uneventful.    The littles and I go back to the house and wait for the bus to come back by.  Above E is waiving to big brother on the bus as is our tradition.  

8:30 am A quick wagon ride with double sippy cups, of course.  We meet the neighbors not long after staring and go back home to play. 

8:30 am First thing inside is more milk and showing off M's new magic hair brush -- seriously the only kind of hair brush to have and E loves brushing his hair with it too. 

8:48 am - Out back the girls are playing and E is trying to find all the balls and maybe eat some dirt from my garden. (Our porch is a mess). 

8:48: The girls set up this beachfront, first here and then in the side yard. They are attempting some sort of a girls only locale, which is tough as they have five brothers between them. This was followed by popsicles (homemade this time) and the girls wandering off to play across the street. and then rushing out the door to school with more flowers for chapel and all our gear.

9:10 am - E and I are back inside for more snacks and checking my work email.  He would, apparently prefer I stop or perhaps has a question.  You'll note this is the first of at least four outfits you see him in today...We had a bit of trouble getting out the door and retrieving M from across the street, but were close to on time. 

9:52 am - M was successfully dropped off and now it is time for E's 15 month well-child appointment.  (Did you know he turns 15 months old today? He is getting extra pictures here to celebrate/mark the occasion).  Here we are waiting to be called back and exploring all the toys.  He couldn't even really walk last time we were here 3 months ago.  It is amazing how much has changed. 

10:08 am - We discover that he remains short and dense, but healthy.  He enjoys playing while we wait first for the Doctor and then for his vaccines.  He is not pleased about the three shots, but recovers fairly well and we head back to school to drop him off.  He is just in time for recess so I say good-bye at the gym and he is  a very sad boy.  I'm glad we got the extra happy hour together though pre shots.

11:00 am - 2:31pm I am back home and working, waiting nervously for a big call.  It is busy season now, as I've probably mentioned, so things fly quickly past. I am literally still on a call as I walk in to MDO to pick up the kids. 

2:45 pm - I give in and buy gas.  Clearly it was time.  I thought the price per gallon was in this photo, but apparently not. At home, M and I have several issues with her being whiny and not following the rules.  By the time we leave to pick up B she is in tears and we have to call Daddy.  She, of course, does not say anything, but is better having heard Daddy's voice. 
3:56 pm - We've picked up B and are having a "parking lot picnic." Basically a fancy way of having snacks in the car before going in to the PTO meeting.  I am absolutely a sucker for being asked to help with things. I had not planned to go to this meeting as taking 3 kids is crazy, particularly if one of them is a one year old, but someone called and asked and I decided to try it. 

4:13 pm - See how they are not even still enough for me to take a non-blurry picture.  Yes, it was as crazy as I initially thought.  The meeting started at roughly 4:15 and we were walking out by 4:25 as they were too energetic and E was pulling books off the library shelves anytime I wasn't holding him.  NOT a good idea. 
4:56 pm - M and E have a tea party.  I joined right in and it was great fun.
 4:57 pm - B reading Count This (maybe?) It was Marcos Pizza night as a fundraiser for the school. I had, technically made some chicken in the crock pot earlier, but bailed out on that and saved it for tomorrow as we all very much wanted pizza. 
6:36 pm M & E were playing peek-a-boo with Daddy and the curtains.  E kept saying boo over and over, it was totally adorable. 

6:35 pm - It starts pouring.  Everyone wants to go play in it, but this is a hard, cold rain with lightning and winds so we mostly just watch.  They did don swimming suits in hopes that it would calm down, but it didn't. 

7:56 pm - clearly it is bedtime.  E has managed to smash his finger in one of his drawers and is now pathetically trying to get me to put his shoes on for some reason. I do, of course, but he really needs to go to sleep. 

7:56 pm - B took this picture of Grandma reading the poems from When They Were Very Young" by A.A. Milne. The kids and Grandma had a lot of fun making videos of book time and teeth brushing time.  It was good that she was here to be silly as I was completely done by that point.  We let her do songs and stories while Brent and I put E to sleep and tried to relax. 

I'm "hoping" this rest of this evening is quiet and uneventful. (If not I'll update this in the morning as I did with last night's post).

After posting, I had a long, often humorous talk with my mom before calling it a night around 11pm, snuggling in with my husband and saying thanks for our day with all its hardships, it is built and kept in love.
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