Saturday, September 14, 2013

Week in the Life: Saturday

Almost half of today's pictures are about soccer, but it was fun and probably the high point of the day. 

Thanks to Grandma sleeping over Brent and I got to sleep until 8am and woke to find all three kids up and 2/3 of them dressed and outdoors with Grandma. 

8:56 am - I made the waffles from Orangette's blog that are our favorites.  They do require the batter to sit for 30 minutes so Grandma only got 1/2 of one before dashing out the door to the shop. After waffles we focused on getting everyone the rest of the way ready for soccer (packing snacks and water, finding sun screen, looking for B's ball, tying on cleats, etc).

10:36 am - on the way to soccer.  I loved having Brent with us all day this weekend. He's had to work or gone to the OU game for Saturdays over the last month or more so this was a treat.  

11:03 am - Dragonflies were very on today.  B was so into the game and his friend A scored many goals.  There was a bit better team work too. 

11:14 am - Our cheering section was bigger today too as Grammie joined us for her first game of the season despite not feeling well.  

11:24 B is buddies with his coach now and they chat sometimes during the game.  I think letting B try the goalie role (when that was allowed) and now giving him some special defense responsibilities is part of it, but mostly B is just older, more mature, and ready now. 

11:25 - B's friends A and J waiting for the ball to be thrown in.  These three are some of the kids that have been on the team the longest at this point along with K who is from the original crew before we even joined and not pictured. 

11:26 am - E wanted to be on the field SO badly and we had several little fits as we pulled him off of it. It is so nice to have two other adults to help us keep him occupied. 

11:27 am - B scored a goal and is running back to high five his coach, so cool (in all honesty he "might have scored one for the opposing team earlier in the game in an attempt to kick it away from them near the goal line...)  He also had several defensive saves, including sometimes by kicking it out of bounds.  
11:28 E is getting held a bit to keep him off the field and everyone is excited about the goal!

11:33 - If you check his hands he actually isn't confused here, just excited about the score as the Dragonflies had something like seven or eight goals to the other team's two (or ahem, three)

11:35 Grammie and Granddaddy took E over to the end of the field and helped him kick the ball around a bit. 

11:35 (cont). M has quite the set up for herself.  She has taken both small chairs to make herself a little couch for a comfy soccer field view.  She also spent some of the game lying in the grass.  (Braid is courtesy of Grandma, of course).  The game ended just a bit after this with a Dragonfly victory.  This will probably put them in the intermediate grouping for the rest of the season so harder games are coming. 

12:16 pm - In the car on the way over to the Cow Calf Hay for lunch, we learn that the Sooners are doing well in their football game, which was encouraging.  The kids all enjoyed "riding" on these saddle seats and lunch was a delicious treat.  I think the saddles and life sized cow body statue made M think we were at a playground, not a restaurant, but hardly anyone else was there as the OU game was on so we were a bit chill about it. The food here is SO good, but it is a fairly undiscovered treat. 

1:23 pm - At home, we convinced E to take a nap and B led his sister in a science experiment.  They gathered various household items to see what would happen when you mixed them.  Ingredients included: expired baby abesol, cortaid, tooth paste, kosher salt, water, and Mister Huey Mist in Over Due for color.  They did a lot of mixing and noted observations about smell, color and consistency.  They tried it again in a plastic bowl instead of the box (to check the results). M kept at it longer than B (unusual).  She decided to see what would happen if she added more salt bit by bit.  The salt did keep dissolving and the mixture got thicker, but no explosion (which she seemed to think might happen). 

3:58 pm E woke up a bit early from his nap and was very cranky.  Brent went to target to get him some more motrin and tylenol.  I attempted to give him a cool bath to help with the fever, but he really wanted none of it.  So we opted for some time in just his diaper and this light blanket.  Lady M plied him with small bowls of frozen blueberries, which finally seemed to do the trick and calm him down for a bit. 

4:30 pm - after some blueberries and motrin E rallied for an adventure outside.  He toddled and climbed all over everything.  He enjoyed exploring our neighbors yards and the driveways near us.  He even got to cross the street twice with me. 

4:43 The neighboring kids had come over to play briefly before church, but had to leave as M was having her toe bandaged (again).  Lady M seemed to need a bit of Daddy attention so he took her outside to practice riding her bike.  There was some butting of heads and attempts to deal with irrational fears.  By the end she was back to her first day form and riding in circles around us again.  (Why yes, B was playing video games inside during this, but two was all we could handle at that moment so we let him). 

5:44 - M was very tired at about 5:30.  Clearly too late for a nap, but also time for some resting. Dinner was a bit random pulled together from left overs, fruit, cheese, and popcorn.  Brent and I were still full from lunch so we mostly just snacked a bit. Afterwards, I did some of my strength training type circuits at home while everyone else played or chatted with each other.  Part of my "training" became flipping M over my body with my legs.  Easy the first 10 or so times, but after that you do start to feel it!

8:04 pm - B reads one of his bed time books each day. Today he asked to read this Baby Einstein's look and find book to E.  E, admittedly, didn't have enough attention to make it through all of it, but I loved the sentiment and he did enjoy the first few pages.  After books it was our normal teeth brushing, songs, meds, routine and a fairly easy time getting the kids to bed...until...

8:49 E wakes up very sad and with very itchy feet from this rash he seems to have developed over the course of the day.  We tried various ointments and then benadryl.  He, of course, fell asleep while I was discussing with Audra wither or not to take him to the ER as we just could not get him (or the rash) to calm down.  We'll see how he does tonight and in the morning, but that option is definitely still on the table. 
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