Tuesday, October 29, 2013

His Treasures

Last Tuesday, Lil' E brought me flowers for what I think is the first, but hope is not the last, time.  He brought me a rose from one of the bushes in our front yard petal at a time.  He brought me a few rocks and a piece of a seed pod.  I love this.  I love that he brings me his treasures and I keep them safe.  I'm saving these petals so I can remember him like this.  This day, he was a small boy in overalls who loves his Mama.  Someday, probably sooner than I'd like, we'll start to disagree more, and there will be more times when he is less happy with me.  I hope he keeps trusting me with his treasures though, whether they be things or words or just hugs.  

I treasure you so small boy.  I will always be here, just waiting, to hold you and your treasures safe in my arms and safe in my heart.  I love you now and always.

*Ps.  My Dad told me when we bought this house that I would think I wanted to grow roses, but that really I wouldn't/shouldn't.  This is one piece of advice I'm glad to ignore and love having four or five bushes of my fairly lovely double knock out roses spread around and blooming happily even in late October.  I think he would appreciate my letting science work for me (and did recommend some of these roses to me) and be glad that I'm getting the best I can of both worlds along with these small treasures.
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Debra Dotter Blakley said...

This is very lovely stuff. I'm so glad you are savoring each day, or at least some of days now and then, with each of your children. You will take that day out of your memory and re-love it again and again throughout your life. I do that with the afternoon when we took the picture of you kissing Danny on the cheek while we were having a swimming time at the Ponderosa. I can see it like it was yesterday.


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