Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

1. The weather is lovely, but also quite changeable just now.  Often in the mornings I wrap people up in jackets, hats, long sleeves, and long pants and by afternoon they are out in the drive way eating Popsicle.  

2.  We have a new slide and it is very very popular!  I have probably 100 pictures of them sliding already. 

3. This guy is suddenly becoming more careful with his coloring.  This page was for the UCO Homecoming contest, but several different bits of homework show that this is a happy trend.  I love how excited and focused he was on this page.  So cool. We also got about 6 original stories in this week's Friday folder that are great--- although spelling/handwriting are a work in progress. 

4. We celebrated Uncle Able's' birthday with dinner at Tucker's.  My kids adore the shakes there and maybe between them share one plain burger.  I think it is delicious sand the company was great fun.  (Oh, that is M writing on the huge chalkboard at Tucker's).

5.  I had my monthly lunch with B and retrieved his lost jacket.  He ate all the food I brought plus every random snack in my bag.  A very, very hungry guy!!

6.  How cute are these overalls?  We're continuing to pull more interesting things from the tub of clothes Audra sent for this age.  There are many, many sets of overalls and he totally rocks them.  I love it.  Also, see how proud of himself he is about his ability to climb up and slide down by himself?  Such a fun guy. 

7. B is showing a renewed interest in puzzles and has been doing a lot of late.  He rebuilt this three dimensional puzzle and, as you can see, had a great time. 

8.  B had this amazing play date with J this week that included carving a huge cool pumpkin using a template.  We caved and bought carving kits and templates for the kids, but perhaps should have gotten larger pumpkins.  It went OK, but it was a bit of a stretch.  We also made roasted pumpkin seeds that were awesome.  E didn't quite get it and kept trying to put the seeds back in..... which was not so helpful. 

9.  It is Red Ribbon Week and the first day is hat day.  Not sure what this look is or where it came from, but he definitely looks a lot older here. 

10.  Halloween activities are ongoing and the M costume update is that she has worn three different costumes to the three events so far--- Kitten to the Pumpkinville Party, Bat Girl to day 1 of MDO parties, and Witch Woman (or ballerina when she takes the mask off) to day 2 of MDO parties.  Who knows what she will actually end up wearing on Halloween. E is, as you can see, still rocking the Monkey costume.

The best news of all is that my sister is on her way here as part of the big move.  I call her every few hours to encourage them and make sure it is real.  This evening M told me, " I can tell you really love your sister."  True that, little lady, true that. 
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