Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

1. Selfies, not taken by me, are starting to appear on my phone ...

2.  We celebrated Halloween with the Korenaks last week.  This included bobbing for apples "okie style."

3.  Trick or treating with five kids and six adults was quite an adventure.  We went a bit further than usual and everyone was definitely tired when we arrived home.  Grandma was waiting for us and handing out even more candy!  (Oh, and M did go as batgirl after all!)

4.  We have a lot of candy around here.  Honestly, I am fine so long as I don't have any, but if I open one, I have trouble stopping.  It is a problem.  We sent most of the left overs to Brent's work, but there is still too much here....

5.  Then there was the much anticipated kiosk making --- this picture was in progress, obviously it is filled and totally beautiful now.  It was quite the experience and looks beautiful. Go visit them at Penn Square!

6.  The next day, I was off work so it was mostly a play day at home.  I went and had lunch with B and took some photos of Red Ribbon Week at his school. E slept through all of that.... as you can see.  He did have a wild time at home with his cousins though.

7.  We drove to Dallas and had fun celebrating Great-Granddaddy's 86th birthday.  We also attempted family pictures with the larger group.  I am excited to see them, but a bit worried as M got hurt right before we the photographer started and E also really wanted Daddy to be holding him, so who knows what they are up to in the photos... my guess is "not smiling"

8.  Then we went off to a very loud, delicious family dinner at Grimaldi's.  They kids had a tremendous amount of fun. 

9.  I finally got my hair colored/cut.  Granted, the process included 3 hours.... ahem. But my hair looks cute? (Well, it is actually still wet, but I'm sure it "will" look cute).

10. Guess what? For the first time since I moved home I'm hosting Thanksgiving at my house!  I'm excited, but also looking for ideas.  Food ideas are good, but also things to do with you know, a dozen or so people at our house, how to make it fun for the kids, crafts we could do during the inevitable "waiting" and what sorts of things will make good Thanksgiving memories for all of us.... things to ponder and suggestions very welcome!

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Debra Dotter Blakley said...

Love the picture B took in the bathroom. The weird perspectives are awesome. He has a great eye.


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