Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

1.  Today E turns 17 months old and is in the midst of a language explosion.  He learns new words and communicates in more ways every day.  I love it.  He is also discovering trains so he frequently says "choo choo" even about things that really don't make that noise.  

2.  E now has a bookshelf in his own room.  The bottom shelves have toys the middle shelves and up will probably have books, but we haven't filled the top two yet.  It was definitely a group project as all three kids helped Brent along the way. 

3.  Just in time for the last few days of fall weather we finally got a sand table.  We probably should have years ago, but were hoping to avoid filling our house with sand.  However, E was just filling our house with dirt from the flower pots on the porch.  It did for a day or two, but by day four we just had dirt AND sand everywhere.  In better news, it is well loved and these two manage to play here for extended periods without fighting, which is great. 

4. Here we are, just mama and boy making it out the door together.  I love it.  I know the days of carrying him are waning so I'm trying not to mind it even though he is getting heavy.  He did manage to walk all the way down the long hall to his classroom at MDO today which was impressive. 

5. Any Dotter cousins having flash backs from this hat? the leaves she added on top of this crown remind me so much of the feathered Thanksgiving hats we cousins made when we were tiny.  Meanwhile, M created this all by herself while I was working on my Project Life.  I love it and am so proud of her craftiness!  She also helped come up with craft projects for the kids at Chrissie's baby shower.  We didn't do all of them, but the ones we took out were very well received.  Thanks to Ms. Vhonda for training her so well!

6. 15 years ago today this guy and I went out on our first date to Chili's in Norman. I remember that he was late working at the lab (this trend would continue for roughly 10 years) and that we talked about OSSM (we still do).  Other things have changed, like that beard and our ability to buy alcohol legally now (we were 19 and 20 then).  Not to mention the bigger changes like 3 kids, 5 degrees, three different homes, three different cars, a few jobs and cross country moves, etc... We had a fabulous date to celebrate on Sunday and I'm so glad he is still my guy. 

7. The big kids went to the Dentist today.  The good news, is we won't have to go to this dentist again as we get new (better) dental insurance in January and B has no cavities.  The not good news is that M has a cavity in a tooth she probably won't lose until she is 12 and needs to see a pediatric dentist....which will happen in January :)

8.  In happier news, we took the time to enjoy the lights outside Oklahoma Gold tonight before gymnastics.  Yes, it is literally freezing outside and she's only wearing a leotard, but sometimes you have to stop and enjoy the beauty regardless. 

9.  I missed the final Dragonflies' soccer game of the season while in Tulsa, but I'm told B scored a goal, helped with some assists and other defense and had a great time celebrating with his team mates. I love this team and am so glad we were able to rejoin them this fall!

10.  I'm starting to try yoga.  Granted I"m really only doing it a couple times a week, but it feels possible and good.  I'm back to being sore in a good way and I like that.  I also got the insurance authorization in the mail that will allow me to start PT (yes, it only too, say three weeks!)  Hopefully, I can get enough sessions in before the end of the year when my insurance switches and we'll probably have to go through approvals again!
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