Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Ten on Tuesday


1. Saturday we drove to Norman and celebrated Corwyn's 3rd Birthday.  The house was bursting with people and the kid to adult ratio was a bit thin.  We sent all kids over 2 and most of the Dad's outside to play in a beautiful evening.  We are lucky to be part of this big loving tribe!

2.  Before our Norman trek, M and I helped Uncle Able out at the kiosk.  I made those Snickerdoodles a day or two earlier and we brought the cider and warmer for more treats.  M remains terrified of escalators for no clear reason so we spent a large portion of the trip negotiating to get her up and down the escalator. Sunday evening we moved the kiosk to level one so now she'll have no such problems! 

3.  B's big project for last week was disguising a turkey and writing a persuasive essay about how it is not a turkey.  We worked on this a bit at a time all week and I'm so proud of him for his dedication and sticking with it.  He also filled in his "good behavior" chart at school last week and got to pick something from the treasure box.  Hooray for B!

4.  This little guy is growing quickly and full of new words.  He now prefers to walk to and from his classroom at school rather than being carried and will sometimes agree to hold my hand while we walk.  Which is magical.  He can now tell us a lot of things, which I love. I marvel how quickly he adds words each day and sometimes were get multi-word phrases too!

5.  I started physical therapy this week.  So far, I've been twice and am increasingly skeptical about the whole deal.  I'm there for an hour at least, but it feels like we don't "do" much. I do the stretches I do at home.  They massage my foot (or feet if I'm lucky).  Then 8 minutes of ultra sound and some taping.  I've had a different PT each time so I spend much of the time reciting my story.  Sigh.  I want there to be a magic bullet, but clearly get that there isn't one. 

6, 7, 8, 9  That brings us to today. Today was supposed to be a fairly normal if somewhat tightly scheduled day between all my work calls, PT, and kid pickups.  Then it began to unravel. I randomly decided it was finally time to get M's cough checked out and the only time was very very close to the end of my work calls/her school day.  I thought I could still do it.  Then, an hour in to my work day, B's school calls and he is crying about side pain so I go and pick him up and have him drink copious amounts of liquid.  At this point, I have to talk to Brent about a new plan as I don't see how the original one is going to work.  So, Brent swoops in to save the day.  He watches B while I go to PT.  I take my VIP call in the parking lot of the kids school with my phone and ipad.  He and B go to the school and pick M up for her Dr apt and wave at me in the parking lot as they go by.  I pick up E, and we go home to wait.  Here we are sitting in the drive way while he tries to figure out where his sissy is.  Meanwhile, M is diagnosed with an ear infection, which is, of course, not why we brought her in, but good to know.  B is given some suggestions for his stomach issues.  Brent attempts to fill M's prescription (her first in almost two years as she is the least ill person in our family).  Of course there is some insurance snafu so he and the Walgreen's staff have to work that out (apparently the insurance company had her mistakenly listed as male so the records weren't agreeing).  Then, everyone comes home.  Brent takes E to buy groceries while the big kids rest and I work.  Next it is time for a quick dinner (Addie, our neighbor, joins us, but doesn't like it.... again).  M and I rush out to gymnastics and are back in time for bed, bath, and books with the boys.  Some days are like this.  Not all of them, but some are and I'm so glad that Brent and I are a team and make it work.  Today my job had to be my focus and Brent was able to make the kids his.  Hooray for modern families!

10. Congratulations to my dear friends Heather & Evan on the arrival of their daughter Lily today.  I'm so excited for their family and think Cleo will be a very cool big sister.  It is also the birthday of my friend Lynn's daughter Molly and a big day all around!  Lots of love to our friends and family near and far!

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