Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

1.  I've posted this basically everywhere already, but it still makes me smile.  As E was playing with this hat he stops and says: "Take picture, Mama"  Love it!

2.  The bigs decided to measure themselves by how tall they are compared to the mantel.  Random much?

3.  It is cold here.  Not Arctic cold or anything, but just much colder.  I asked B if he could walk to the bus stop alone for the first time so I didn't have to wake the sleeping baby and take him out in to the cold and he just ran right down the street like there was never an issue.  He rocks.  

4.  I attended the Thanksgiving Feast at B's school again this year.  They are blessed with lots of parent volunteers and lots of food. I was able to help, but also snuggle my guy a bit. I admittedly had a little food too as I realized after PT at 2pm that all I'd had to eat so far was coffee.  I found a granola bar in my emergency minivan stash, but the mashed potatoes were much more delicious. 

5.  E & M went back to Tulsa with me to help pack our annual Operation Christmas Child boxes with friends. The party was smaller this year, but I think perfectly so and everyone had a great time.  Brent and B stayed home for his good buddy Sam's bday party at Laser Quest and a big afternoon of Thanskgiving shopping!  (Yes, I made them a detailed spreadsheet before I left).

6.  The girls had the best time playing dress up and making up their own plays!

7.  E is increasingly convinced that all of our electronic devices are his and that he knows just what to do.  With the laptop, he mostly knows how to turn off and on the mouse....which isn't annoying at all to the next person to pic it up (ummm, right). 

8.  The Jones boys and Aunt Jamie came over for a play date and dinner yesterday.  The kids had a wild time playing before settling in to some quieter legos.  It was only maybe the third or fourth time they've come to our house and the kids loved it!

9.  Today I helped out with the Thanksgiving Feast at Mother's Day Out.  This may have been a less good idea as it totally stressed E out for me to be there, but to not be "with" him.  He cried basically any time I went off to help so I mostly carried him around.  M was a little disappointed that I wasn't more focused on her, but did fine.  Overall, it was a very lovely feast and the kids did very well.  I picked them up a bit early to take E to get his flu shot so lots of back and forth from school today.  

10. I attempted to upload the video the kids made with their cousins dancing to "What Does the Fox Say? "  I don't think it worked, but perhaps you can find it at this link instead.  Enjoy!

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