Monday, December 30, 2013

Days 22- 24

Hello all,
  Ready for a few more days of December Daily? I've been catching up and have six total ready to share.  I am missing Christmas Day itself as I don't have the right photo paper to print the pictures, but it should be here soon.

Day 22: Left page

Day 22: Right Page
Meanwhile, let's see what happened before Christmas.
 When we last left off we had enjoyed one day of Richards family festivities.  Day 22 was spent with the larger Rouse clan enjoying lots of fun, more presents, and delicious food in a big family setting.  Lots of fun!

Day 23 - 
Day 23: Left Page

Day 24: Right Page

The next day was mostly quietly preparing at home.  I chose to chronicle the presents Brent and I finally started to wrap under the tree and the month-long enjoyment of the LEGO advent calendars. 

Day 24 - 
Day 24: Left Page

Day 24: Right page --- itching to add some twine to that little metal tag....

On Christmas Eve, we baked whole wheat chocolate chip cookies for Santa and readied cinnamon roll dough for our Christmas morning breakfast.   We went to afternoon Christmas Mass (which was a little crazy as the kids still had lots of energy.) The family photo before Mass was actually taken by E --- you can see the little remote in his hand.  Then we had delicious Christmas Eve dinner of steak, baked potatoes, and garlic bread with Grandma before slipping into PJs.  Of course we had to set out Sant's snack, open the fire place doors, and set the stockings out just so before anyone could begin to dream of sugar plums.

It was a nice gradual build up to Christmas.  Each day had a bit of fun, but none of them felt too overwhelming. 

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