Saturday, December 21, 2013

DD Day 21: Presents!

Today, Christmas began in earnest.  The kids have been SO excited all week about celebrating at Grammie & Granddaddy's house with their cousins.  Brent and I were worried it might night happen after last night's ice storm, but it all went perfectly.  We took pictures in front of the tree when we arrived and then jumped right in to opening presents.  It was awesome.  Everyone got so many wonderful things. Most notably, perhaps, M got her most wished for item, a scooter! (Not the best present on an icy day, but she rode it inside :)

After presents we had all afternoon to play with the new toys and with each other.  There were pauses for tasty crafts and winding down time watching Despicable Me2 in the evening. I loved that everyone got to try out all their new treasures together and no one ever ran out of fun things to do.

This is what the next two pages look like together.  

This is one of my favorites of the kids.  They did so well.  I also really like the transparency flower page above.  Overall it was just an amazing family day and I am SO glad it all worked out with weather concerns and all.  

(Crafting Note: Almost everything on these pages is from the SC Kit, except for that awesome red flower and the white flower on the presents page, which came from Freckled Fawn kits. The "So Blessed" flair is from the Dec. SC PL kit and I truly was feeling it today." Also, I have blocked out some of the story as it is a little too private for the internet.  I do this periodically on scrapbook pages when there is something that I think is too private for prime time, but I want in my personal story). 
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