Sunday, January 19, 2014

National Popcorn Day!

Yes, yes I should be knee deep in birthday week posts for my amazing son that turns 7 tomorrow.  For now, I've decided to wait and fully experience the birthday celebrations before delving into memories of the year gone by.  We have been celebrating for a day or two already and enjoying great times with family and friends.

Today, during an epic five-hour game of Monopoly (which said almost 7-year-old won) we tasted a bunch of seasonings on popcorn.  It was part of our nearly annual celebration of National Popcorn Day, which happily coincides with B's birthday.  I'm not sure there was a clear favorite as we each have such different preferences, apparently.  However, they were all great.  Here is what we tried and liked (all seasonings/blends via Savory Spice Shop OKC, of course).

-Honey Powder + Cinnamon --- definite kid pick of the day

-Romano Cheese Powder -- M & I like this one. We may have had it twice this week.  She says it is better than her beloved Pirate's Booty Snack

-Nacho Cheese Dip + Peanuts -- we had this while E was napping.  It is an old favorite, but rare now due to his sensitivities to peanuts.

-Red Rocks Hickory Smoke Seasoning

- Memphis BBQ Rub + Almonds - Spice + Sweet

- Supreme Shallot Salt - Admittedly  my current favorite.

-Italian Black Truffle Salt - ok, technically we tried this last week, not today, but it is so different and good.

What is your favorite popcorn seasoning?  It doesn't have to be on our list.  All suggestions are welcome.  Leave a comment with your favorite and I'll pick one winner of a Savory Spice Shop Popcorn seasoning up to $10 value as a way of celebrating B's Birthday and National Popcorn day with you!  Happy Popping!

--Note, if you are the winner and live in the OKC metro you can go pick out your own flavor at the shop (4400 N. Western in OKC) if you live elsewhere I'll ship it to you.  I'll announce a winner on Friday, the 24th along with some recent favorite things.


Sharon Twilley said...

Jalapeno salt is wonderful but its not on your list. So I would have to say Romano cheese. Thank you!!!!

Cathy Hirschman said...

The Italian Black Truffle Salt sounds incredibly intriguing!

Sarah Fiala said...

Ooo honey powder and cinnamon!

Sandina Clayton said...

Something sweet and hot, maybe honey powder and horseradish or honey chipotle


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