Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1.  Adorable boy in his hat + sword picture as promised.  He rocks it, right? (I'm sure you all spent the week wondering how the quest for a baby hat picture would end up, right? No?? Shocking)

2. Of course Lady M, then needed her picture taken too by her art gallery.  Somehow this wall now has washi tapped art added weekly.  Seems to be doing ok with the new paint. 
3. This picture is technically not from this week, but is pretty much what B wants to be doign in free time now -- wearing footie PJs and playing Wii U.

4.  B is very talkative this week with an odd tendency to repeat what he says twice much of the time.  I guess so we can fully appreciate the awesomeness of his pronouncements? I'm not sure. I like that he's talkative and am trying to gently steer some of the talkativeness away from the details of video games...

5.  B's birthday is next Monday which means we have lots of parties in the next seven days.  I will frankly admit that as this is our first 'not at my house' friends party I haven't really put much focus into preparations.  Then again, not really focusing until the last few days is sort of how I roll so I'm fairly sure everything will work out and soon my baby will be 7!

6.  E has a baby cold and is feeling sad.  Not surprisingly, none of our kids were sick for the 16 days of Christmas break, but E is now immediately sick once he returned to school.  I am plying the older kids with vitamins in hopes of keeping this at bay. 

7.  Lady M has been watching Angelina again and adopting an Australian accept.  This drives her older brother crazy.  The accent doesn't bother me as much as the strange mannerisms, but she is just performing and will be on to new escapades soon, I'm sure.

8. We finally took down all the Christmas decorations this weekend.  And put most of them in nice boxes that Audra would fully approve of.  We always make it a goal to have them down by B's birthday.  If not for all the birthday's I'm not sure when it would get done.  The living room looks very empty now.  

9.  Have you tried the Romano cheese powder on popcorn yet? It is delicious and I might have convinced my kids it is better than Pirate's Booty popcorn.  (I can't bring myself to by popcorn in bags when delicious, fresh popcorn is so easy to make. 

10.  I am still on a restricted diet, although admittedly I've let a few things in.  I miss sugar still and drinking things other than water, but the weight is coming off and the headaches have eased.  I have a long way to go, but only a few more days on this very limited regime. We shall see.  We did make it to the gym a few times this week and my beloved's arms are sore.  We're on our way to strong in 2014. 

PS - Scrapbooking miracle -- I am caught up on Project Life after largely neglecting it during December Daily.  I need a new album and a title page for 2014, but otherwise, everything is set!!
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