Monday, January 20, 2014

A day full of Birthday Love

Today, was a very good day. I think it may possibly have been exactly the sort of birthday B would have dreamed for himself.  I am a little teary thinking about the whole of it with the promise of a work day coming soon so I'm going to share the photos here and write birthday letters and other musings later.  There are a lot of photos.  Here is our day in the life, January 20, 2014 - B's 7th Birthday.

First things first, presents.  I made him promise not to open them before I got up and I got to sleep in the latest of everyone this morning-- 8:30!  As soon as we were all up he dove right in.  Lots of Skylanders, books, games, a puzzle, and a LEGO clock so he'll be able to tell when he can get up in the morning more easily. Obviously, M & E helped with the presents. 

Being born on inauguration day has meant that B gets to miss school on his birthday more often than most.  His birthday has fallen on inauguration day, weekends, and, as today, on Martin Luther King Day several times.  Long weekends around his birthday are his happy norm and I love it.  A lot of his day was spent like this playing Wii U. 

Brent & I worked together to make him his preferred Star Wars pancakes for breakfast and then I made him our favorite chocolate chunk cookies for lunch/snacking while they played board games. 

After loving Castle Panic during our recent visit to the Wainrights' Brent bought it for B's birthday.  This lovely threesome played it successfully while I made cookies and E napped.  (It was thankfully shorter than the 5 hour Monopoly marathon of yesterday, which B eventually won). 

There was some counting of Skylanders and considering which ones he likes best as well as more video games while M played a strategy game with Daddy, I read, and E napped.  Yes, little bro occasionally takes up his older brother's excellent napping skills. 

Then it was time for the long awaited ice skating trip.  We had some trouble getting there as streets were still blocked off from the parade, but we made it.  Due to E's age and my problematic feet, we watched from the side lines, but had an excellent time dancing to the music, watching, and snacking. 

 E is a great cheer leader and wants to be in on the action.  He loves his big brother and I love all three of my guys.

This photo was taken accidentally with my phone. I couldn't see a thing due to the glare, but I love it.  Random bonus!
Brent was so careful and patient with them.  B did not want help.  M definitely did.  All of them improved as they went around and round. 

Brent likes ice skating, me, and being a Daddy :)

Close together, my older two who have been through so much of their adventures thus far together. 

Seven, definitely seven.  When reminiscing with Brent about his birth this morning we were discussing that one of the first things Brent told me after B was born was that he had my elf ears (I have bumps on the outside of my ears that my parents refer to as such).  B has them too.  He has little bits of my look even though he mostly just looks like his dad, which is a good thing indeed. 

There needed to be some resting while the zamboni went around as skating is hard work and several people's feet were getting sore. 

Brent "might" have managed to get some of E's snacks.  It is somewhat possible that my kids are mostly made up of these yogurt granola bars I always have in my bag. 

Not to worry, E found some pretzels too and went back to dancing and watching the skating. 

B grew more confident and stable as the rounds passed.  I love that he seems to truly enjoy ice skating even though it is clearly hard for him.  He persisted, and did not get frustrated with the many slips, tilted ankles, or balance checks. Just kept sliding along with a good attitude (win!)

He did take some tips from Brent.  It is a good thing at 7 to still listen to your Dad's advice about how to improve and tackle the current challenge.  After this, we went to Toys R Us so he could spend his gift card, and exchange one Skylander for another.  He got two more Skylanders and  a Hero Factory LEGO.  Then, home for chicken nuggets from Chik-fil-a and more video games.  

We wrapped up the evening with his annual birthday interview, which will appear here soon, and another 1/2 a chapter of A Wrinkle In Time.  Sprinkled throughout the day were calls from his Grandparents, Aunts, and cousins that were all very fun and enthusiastic. As the day wound into night, I got a very big 7 year old hug, sang him Happy Birthday a few more times, and finally, per his request, sang him "Go to Sleep My Brendan" his lullabye as a baby, as his bed time song. 

It seemed fitting and very cyclical.  I love you sweet boy.  You have  grown in so many ways this year and I am so very proud of you.  I love this day we spent together as a family and wish all our birthdays could be like this.  For now, we'll savor this one relaxed lovely day and wish you a wonderful year to come.


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