Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1.  Mr. E has decided that he likes hats.  He will seek them out and wear them around randomly, usually while carrying his blanket.  It is adorable. He seems to have a slight preference for fedoras.  (Yes, this would be a good place for a picture, but so far they are mostly blurry... I shall persevere).

2.  I gave up caffeine, alcohol, and a lot of sugars/carbs for two weeks starting yesterday.  So far so good, other than being irritable and having a head ache at all times.... but I'm going to feel awesome later, right?

3.  I have this cut on my finger.  It is right where I cut my pointer finger as a child (in the great tomato crusher incident for those who remember).  Anyway, I constantly bash it into things and break it open again.  It is also the finger for using a mouse, which is painful and annoying. Yes, this is a minor issue, but did I mention the being irritable?

4.  I've also decided to put down/away my phone for the most part in the afternoons after work through bedtime. I think that part is definitely working.

5.  I am talking the One Little Word Class from Ali Edwards.  My word is STRONG.  So, as you can see I'm working on mental strength/perseverance, physical strength health, etc...  I will probably write more about it as time goes by, but I am working on keeping it "present" with me through the day.  I ordered a piece of word art from Colleen Attara to get started (You can see her things here: http://www.colleenattara.com/shop/recycled-word-your-word-2014/)

6.  As part of the class someone shared this TEDx talk by Kristen Howerton talk about how people deal with stress by focusing on something else and that for many people that is becoming our social media, etc. ( You can watch here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hFimIczB0s).  I am wondering if it was a bad idea to eliminate so many of my distraction crutches at once --- see internet, caffeine, sugar, etc... hmm

7.  Everyone is back in school.  E & B have had substitutes both days though so they are still in a relaxed set up.  We've also been driving B to school due to the cold weather.

8. Rules these days - one may not hand out birthday party invitations at school.  SO you should buy the directory (Brent didn't as he thought we didn't need one).  I am attempting to invite the people B wants to this party through a mish mash of emails and paper invites for the people we have information for.  However, at least 1/3 of the people I have neither bit of information for and his teacher has been out so no directory yet.  May have to brave a conversation with the office ladies and cold temps tomorrow.

9.  M does not want to be back in school, but seems to be having a good time.  I will say that she is much more tired and we're back to arguing with each other more than I want to. Hopefully we'll find our groove again soon.

10. I feel so lucky, blessed, special to have spent so much time with friends and family.  Thanks so much to all of you that mate these celebrations and the days in between wonderful.  We love you!

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