Saturday, January 4, 2014

Christmas Tea Time

This is the crew from this year's Christmas Tea celebration. (Able joined us a bit later and isn't pictured).  Taking the annual Christmas Tea picture is a long standing tradition, but many things about this picture aren't.  For one, it is probably 4-5x bigger than the tea once was AND see all those men/boys in the picture? We have started inviting a few of them in because we love them and they they are our family and friends.  (Also, there are few girls in this generation of my family/original Christmas tea ladies).   You'll also see that some folks have ornaments.  That is part of our ongoing ornament exchange.  Everyone got one as miraculously Audra and I somehow managed to buy the perfect amount of extras for those that forgot.   There was also an incredible amount of food, and a few crafts.  I'm hoping the photos of them might be on Audra's camera as I lost mine a few times during the day. 

The ladies in this photo are more the group that might have been at a Christmas Tea roughly 20 years ago (we were all younger).  Another five or so years before that it would just be Audra, Emily, Gina, and I with our moms and Able occasionally joining us.  It was so amazingly delightful to have the Hladik ladies join us this year for the first time in my house!  Thank you all so much for making the drive.

A lot of the Christmas Tea looks like this.  People standing around chatting, eating, and laughing in small groups.  (I think photo credit here may be due to Corwyn, age 3, --whose mom is in the center of this photo watching the camera-- or possibly to his helper B

This was our very youngest guest, Jakub, who is only two months old and slept through the first several noisy hours of the party.  SO cute!

There is alos a bit of this.  Uncle Brent/Daddy is very popular, particularly with the 4-5yr old ladies, and often finds himself being tackled or involved in tossing them around. 

As the guests thinned out these two boys that have only met a couple times before bonded over Skylanders.  A new part of an old tradition. 
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