Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Book Memories

As you have probably guessed, book time is very important and popular around here.  It is one of the privileges that can be lost if one isn't listening.  It is otherwise not skipped without much crying of kids.  Of late it is getting even more wild now that lil' E brings books from his own bookshelf to have his books read too.  Here are some reading/book time observations I don't want to forget:

1.  Yesterday, Grandma bought B a book called Weird But True 2. He loved it.  He read us bits all evening, in the morning, and finished the entire book by the end of recess.  He chose to read it rather than watch the movie they were having in indoor recess.   There are 199 pages of text, he tells me, but only a few facts per page.  Bonus is that he remembers many of them.

2. M's book was Press Here.  We have read it I'll say at least 12 times in 24 hours.  She would have done it more, but we had to cut her off for our own sanity.  It is her "magic book."

3.  Not to be outdone, E has read his new book Teeny Weeny Looks for his Mommy almost as many times and loves the tabs, identifying the animals and "mommy."  All this to say that my kids love new books, but then again, who doesn't?

4.  Since at least December B has been completely committed to only chapter books for book time.  So far we've read the Box Car Children Books 1-6 (six is currently in progress), A Wrinkle In Time, The Indian in the Cupboard, Captain Underpants, one or two Skylanders chapter books, and have all of Narnia, two more Box Car Children books, the Hobbit, and a second Captain Underpants book waiting in the wings.  LOVE it.

5.  Tonight at one point the five of us were listening to/reading three books aloud at once.  B was reading the new LEGO Movie book he got from the Hoppers for his birthday (it is sort of a comic book style, but we read all 61 pages in one setting).  Meanwhile, I read E "How Big is a Pig".  Brent was reading M "A Very Brave Witch." This was against normal procedure, but everyone wanted their books in before bedtime and we were running late.  It was a noisy, but fun experience.

6.  E's favorite book is Baby Giggles.  He smiles or giggles at the end of each page.  He throws a ridiculous baby fit when I try to put it away after only one reading.  He sadly whines "baby" while pointing at his book.

7.  E is strangely very good about putting the books back on the shelf in his room. The big kids are HORRIBLE about putting books back on their shelf and there are typically books all over their flor.

8.  Brent says we have a "book problem" the way some people have an addiction problem.  Our house is full of them and I love it :)

9. Lady M is learning to read.  It is a bit slow going, but we're getting there.  It goes better if we work on it earlier in the day because by evening book time she is just too tired to really focus in enough.  She also has a tendency to just recite books she loves rather than reading them.

10. I love listening to B read to his baby brother.  I love curling up with one or more kids in my arms, lap, or all around me.  I love book time, whenever it happens during the day.  I love that our kids love books.  I love the voices and inflection B and Brent both use when they read.  I love that E loves books already and M's joy in her favorites.  I love our family.  

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