Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Ten on Tuesday.

1.  The big news of the day was B's school program.  I'm uploading some videos and hoping that at least some of them work. Just in case, I'm also adding a collage below.  The program was awesome.  He did a great job with his part, sang the whole time, and the whole 150 1st graders were very organized and prepared.  It was great fun.  I went to both the morning and afternoon shows and the afternoon show ended with a surprise rendition of "What did the fox say?"  Very cute. Thanks to Audra, Zane, Rowan, Grandma, Able, Granddaddy, Grammy, M, E, & Brent for joining me in the fun!

2.  This weekend was cousin Rowan's 1st Birthday party.  Everett and I attended and had a blast playing all afternoon!

3.  Meanwhile, Brent, B, M, and Granddaddy headed south to cousin John's 6th birthday at LEGO Discoveryland in Dallas. We are, as you know, LEGO fanatics so this was a fabulous trip. 

4. On Sunday, E & I had brunch at Waffle Champion with the Korenaks, Grandma, Able & Kari.  It was delicious as always.  Then Able, Kari, E & I had coffee at Elemental Coffee and went to Mass together.  E was tired and very busy during Mass. Able & Kari were a huge help and it was all more or less under control until he (inevitably) crashed in to the marble floor and got a big goose egg on his head.  After some crying outside, we came back in and made it through fairly happily with chants of "goldfish."  (He is obsessed with goldfish crackers, I should record that as he says it very intensely.

5.  Friday night I hosted the Oklahoma Alumni Network's George Washington's Birthday Bash.  There weren't very many people there, but it was great conversation and fun.  

6.  Today, after the program, we had ice cream at Braum's with Grandma and Granddaddy.  It was just like old times with post-program ice cream with my grandparents.  Loved it!

7.  This weekend is my birthday.  So far, we're planning lunch at Cow Calf-Hay with anyone that wants to join us.  Let me know if you do!

8.  Today, I set up babysitting for the kids here at the house four days a week all summer.  You may recall that we went through MANY baby sitter issues last summer.  Here's hoping this one is a bit smoother.  I still have to figure out camps and what to do about Fridays, but it is only February, right?

9. We've been doing a lot of cooking with our Raddish Kids kits.  They kids have enjoyed it so much and I'm trying to step back and let them do everything (and not freak out when it is a horrendous mess).  We've tried some new recipes like Panzanella salad that I probably wouldn't have made on my own, but it was delicious.  I totally get that I could develop these recipes, information tidbits, and related crafts on my own.  That said I wasn't doing it on my own and do want to have these learning moments with them in the lead rather than just watching me cook.  It is like someone giving you a well-developed lesson plan versus having to make a course from scratch.

10.  I have been running at least twice a week.  My feet are fine and I've babied them carefully.  My gym routine is about 35 minutes C25K run training + 15 minutes weights + 15 minutes stretching, stretching and more stretching.  So far, I feel good. I really need to find that third day to actually make any progress, but I'm just doing what I can now and not pushing it lest I get hurt.

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