Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1.  The BIG news I've been keeping quiet about for what feels like weeks is that my brother and Kari are engaged! I could not be more excited.  They are a wonderful couple and I love them both so much!  We had a little welcome home/engagement party for them on Thursday.  Everyone had a great time rejoicing together.

2.  We had book club at my house on Saturday.  It was loads of fun and included the Robledo sisters who were visiting from their new homes.  We had a wonderful time and a late night :)

3.  The new Edmond Y is an exercise in frustration.  It is beautiful and amazing.  Everyone thinks so.  Therefore, it is always too full.  The childcare was over full on Saturday and then by the time we left the leisure pool on Saturday it was at capacity as well.  I suspect crowds will drop off, but it is annoying for something we are so excited about.

4. I missed the backyard Olympics while at the Doctor, but you can read all about it on my mom's blog here.  It sounds awesome.
5.  Today, we had the Kitchen Olympics using our Raddish Kids box.  It included a craft project making medals, five different olympic kitchen events, and three recipes (we've made one so far).  It was awesome and everyone loved it.  Not unlike the real olympics, apparently, M got sick following the more athletic events so we're holding off on the other recipes for a bit, but the greek turkey burgers, made entirely by B, were awesome.

6. We had a fun afternoon at the Myriad Gardens Children's Garden and then Big Truck Tacos yesterday with Audra to celebrate President's Day.  It is the perfect place to just hang out and play.

7. B has a speaking part in the first grade program and has it memorized easily.  We now need to work a bit on delivery.  He seems to rush through it. Where does he get that :)

8.  Sunday was Brent's dad's birthday and we celebrated with Pizza and the LEGO Movie. (Grammie celebrated by hanging out with E).  The movie and company was "awesome."

9.  For Valentine's Day, Brent bought me flowers and we had a date night out seeing the show Beauty & the Beast.  Strangely, Brent had never seen the Disney movie so it was new to him.  We had a fabulous time and thank his parents so much for watching the kids!  We also got watercolors for the kids that they loved.

10.  This week includes two of our nephew's birthdays and we're actually splitting up to make both parties.  Happy first birthday to Rowan and sixth birthday to John!  We love you!

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