Friday, March 14, 2014

Five on Friday

1.  What do you think colorwise for the entry? The blue and white colors are there already, just searching for grey (again).

2.  It is Pi Day and while I'm doubtful about seeing any pie today, these coconut cream pies in a jar sound amazing.

3. Also, ummm, I bought a doughnut pan... Probably not a brilliant idea as it is just going to facilitate more doughnuts, which are not part of my healthy eating goals, but they will be baked, not fried, which is better, right...... Anyway, this Triple Chocolate Snickerdoodle Donut recipe from Melanie Makes sounds amazing.

4. This week E and I have been eating overnight oatmeal almost every day.  It goes like this:  In the evening, mix equal parts original (not minute) oatmeal and milk.  For E & me this is 1c. oatmeal and 1 c. milk.  Add flavorings to taste.  We pick a dash of baking spice, pinch of salt, 1 T dried cranberries, and a dollop of maple syrup.  Stir and leave in the fridge overnight.  Remove it from the fridge and eat cold in the morning.  This is definitely my preferred oatmeal method after a lot of time struggling with finding the right oatmeal choice for me.  E loves it too.  Today I had greek yogurt instead and was hungry MUCH earlier...hence all the sweet pics!

5. This week the Pioneer Woman posted her Irish Coffee recipe.  I had my favorite Irish Coffee in San Francisco a couple year's ago at my brother's urging and love it.  They have an excellent version in OKC at Picasso in the Paseo.  That said, the recipe she gives sounds wonderful too!  Happy St. Patrick's Day!

1 comment:

Debra Dotter Blakley said...

I like the colors. Very classy. And I also like the donut pan and the idea for oatmeal...except for the eating it cold part. I don't know about that.


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