Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1. My computer is very broke. So, I am typing this from my phone. My apologies in advance for the errors and the brevity. Suffice it to say that I am sad about this turn of events.

2.  Today we had a great time playing with the Lams at the Tompound. It was a beautiful afternoon spent relaxing with dear friends. Perfect!

3. Yesterday, we visited the farm.  It was a bit more blustery and cold, but we had a grand time coloring, flying kites, planting vegetables, and all the other fun farm exploring.

4.  The kids planted some seeds to start indoors in hopes of our own garden being more successful and to watch the grow more closely.  We'll see how it goes, but I doubt it will be as magical as Grandma's garden.

5. Today, we picked up our long awaited copy of Frozen and had spring break movie night.  Brent & E saw it for the first time and everyone of is loved it! M is SO obsessed.

6. B was sick again on Friday and Sunday, but manages to be well enough for the first Dragonfly soccer game of the season on Saturday, thankfully.

7. My home project made great strides with four items marked off and only one new one added. All four of the completed items were painting related and we now have a paint color picked out for the entryway as well so maybe we will paint it next weekend!


B lost electronic privileges on Saturday and M gave hers up as she was enjoying playing with and learning from B too much to even consider screen time. Loved it!

9.  I actually managed a bit of scrapbooking this week.  I am catching up on Project Life slowly, but also did some traditional 12x12 layouts and really enjoyed it.  Perhaps a side effect of my broken computer will be more scrapbooking!

10.  I made it to the gym a couple times this week, but am being very careful of my still sore knee.  I am glad just to get some work on even if it is less strenuous cardio than I prefer.

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