Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1.  The wind is insane, seriously.  If you happen to be reading this from some place other than Oklahoma I should probably clarify.  We went from a nice, normal, balmy spring day to fifty mile an hour winds and plummeting temperatures.  It is still gusting like crazy out there.
They are really in to hugs just now.  Everyone must give B a hug on the way out the door in the morning and when he returns in the evening.  And really any time.  E is the most enthusiastic and so sad if he misses one. 
2.  We are slightly crazy and decided to proceed with the anticipated family walk in the wind craziness.  "Walk" is an over statement as only Brent and I really walk. B rode his bike and M, briefly, rode her scooter before it was hidden in the neighborhood to be picked up on the way home.  Mostly E & M rode in the stroller. I was the "tail" in this procession tasked with periodically chasing down E's hat as it blew away.  The trip back did go much faster... I feel filthy.

3.  I may actually be filthy as we worked on yard work before the wind arrived.  I have completed three of my "home" projects since posting on Monday. I pruned the 1) willow tree, 2) mulched & fertilized all the beds, trees, and plants on the front of the house, and 3) Prepped the vegetable garden for spring with some drastic pruning of the herb bushes, adding compost, and digging and turning the soil as much as possible with my slightly bum knee.  Everything is now ready for spring planting, but as I've been burned on that a few too many times we will be holding off a bit longer.  The kids and I have begun brainstorming our selections so we should be good to go when it is time.  I did prep for the next phase of painting projects.  As usual, some complications arose, but I  believe we will paint the interior side of the front door tomorrow. Total expense so far: $65, mostly for the next round of painting, but probably $13 on compost, mulch, etc...

4. Looking back at last week, we were snowed in.  That is crazy considering how warm it was today (pre-wind).  Also since then, B managed to get sick, E seemed to relaps, Brent and I were somewhat sick and our house fell into a messy state.  We spent much of the weekend recovering literally and figuratively. Oh, and we went to open house at B's school.  It was pretty uneventful other than our questionable states of health at the time.

5.  Soccer began with practice on Friday.  The Saturday game was cancelled for weather that basically never came, but it was quite cold.  E and I went for a jog around Mitch Park, which is the perfect way to spend soccer practice. I do occasionally forget about the hills on that route (hills by Oklahoma standards, but still....)  Today, I signed Brent and I up for soccer dad and mom shirts with B's name on the back to support the dragonflies this season.  Will be literally labeled as a soccer mom now.

this is E taking his first attempt at hitting a pinata
6.  On Saturday afternoon, the kids and I trekked out to Luther and beyond for cousin Matthew's third birthday party at his Jones grandparent's farm.  It was great fun.  Happily they have a large metal building that is heated so the kids could play cowboy inside even with the cold weather.  They also got to meet the pet donkey, attack the pinata, eat tons of candy, play with various toys, and generally have great times.  Brent joined us just in time for dinner and cake!

7.  On Sunday, B went to his long dreamed of play date with Preston and M and I took an impromptu trip to Norman to watch men's gymnastics.  We had front row seats with the Lams and a wonderful time.  The Sooners won and I think M loved it as she slept with the program.  Probably the best part though was just the one on one time with my girl.  We walked around campus and through the union, talked and snuggled, went to DQ in Moore on the way home, and basically just had a great time.  Hooray for happy, random, outings!

8. We also had brunch at Able & Kari's on Sunday.  It was so nice even though it was hard to pull ourselves together in the morning after the time change.  I love Sunday family meals and like that they are working themselves into a tradition.  This time, much of the talk was about their upcoming wedding in Bison on Sept. 27!! I could not be more excited!

9.  This week, I am doing lots of experimenting with cooking cabbage.  It seems fitting with Easter just around the corner and odd that I haven't cooked with it much.  I'm trying various things including treating it like I do brussel sprouts, roasting it in slices, sauteing it like stir fry, and more.  So far, they have all been great.  Who knew?

10. E loves has, still.  I know I've mentioned this, but his obsession seems to have moved from fedoras to baseball hats.  The problem, of course, is that we don't actually have any baseball hats that fit him just now so that is my new project.  I have pulled down the bin of summer clothes and will check in there first, but if not I'm off to find a baby ball cap.  Because we need it :) And it would be easier than chasing the hats that blow off his head because they are far too big.

PS - Still torn about what to do with M for school next year.  We talked to her teacher who says she is doing great and she did well on her kindergarten assessment.  Still not sure.  Still want to give her the extra time, but not sure the best way to do that....hmmm While I was at school though I did get these fun pictures of her school now, and really the only one she has known as she was 18 months old when she started!

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