Thursday, April 24, 2014

Ten on Thursday - Mostly Easter Edition

 1.  First Easter activity of the weekend was the Myriad Gardens Easter Egg Hunt--- sadly, it wasn't as cool as I hoped.  It was mostly standing around for a brief rush.  We did this twice as B was in the older age group, which started later. It was a beautiful day and I love the gardens, but probably not worth it on a busy weekend.

2.  Then we had lunch at the Wedge.  The most notable part of the lunch was that E saw a dog as we were walking from the car and spent most of the rest of the weekend and beyond randomly interjecting -- "The Dog is Nakey...NO..."  Hysterical.  Also, I love M in her Easter Hat and pearls. 
 3.  Then it was off to the farm.  E discovered the oil well.  Unlike when M was little, he did not find it terrifying, but rather fascinating and really wanted to touch it (which is no good).
 4.  It is still a working farm so everyone that wasn't sick worked all weekend.  Even E, who was learning to dig holes for some new trees for Grandma.
 5.  We had the requisite Easter photo shoot.  The great thing about a late Easter was that it was still light at 7pm!

 6.  Mass started at 8pm in Bison. The highlight was the Creation Story, as always.  B & Zane participated and did an excellent job.  Having a buddy helps.  My crew made it through Mass, if barely.  E spent much of the time rotating between the two pews and only really escaped once, but luckily the Mack family caught him. There was, of course, an Easter egg hunt in the dark after Mass ended at 10pm ... we were all exhausted by the time we got home.
 7.  The next morning, the Easter Bunny came with lots of goodies for everyone and cascarones.  These are eggs full of confetti that are perfectly great fun to smash (outside) and result in a very festive yard.

8.  I enjoyed an Easter run on the soft country roads, followed by more yard work, clearing of brush, etc... during naptime.  There was also intermittent cooking and lots of getting messy.  B & M loved going to the woods/creek with Daddy.  Zane opted out, which is when we began to suspect he was sick :)

9.  Right at after dinner the rapidly sickening Korenaks left.  The rest of us had the best egg hunt yet.  Easter Egg hunts at the farm are always the best as there are a zillion eggs and just as many awesome places to hide them.  Able and Kari did the honors. Meanwhile, my mom and I lost track of E and I had to wake Brent in a panic to help me locate him (he was calmly helping Able and Kari outside, obviously).

10.  Then we came back home.  There has been some playing in the sprinklers, loving the spring weather, and a bit of belated Easter Egg dying that the kids all loved so much that I may need to work on using more eggs and perhaps a bit earlier next year.  Today was the final Easter (ok, Pascha) party and thus we begin the spiral towards the end of school... It all goes so fast. 

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