Friday, May 23, 2014

Five on Friday

1. I am Elemental -  I just backed this kickstarter that is making cool female action heroes.  They are less busty, more athletic, and have powers that we all have inside Ok, so they have some super powers too, but Bravery & Honesty? We've got that.  Check it out and read Cool Mom Pick's review here.

2. Shop Con Queso - Ok, in fairness, has an OU grad and proud alum the idea of anything Austin isn't really my thing.  That said, this shop looks really cool and I do like supporting real artists and people in their work. The woman that opened the shop is a blogger I've followed for awhile and she has a great voice and eye for designs.

3. Amelie Dress - It appears I am entering a navy phase as most of the clothes I've bought lately are navy.  This looks like it would be a fun addition.  Maybe with some red heels, belt or jewelry?

4. Le Petit Prince shirt - sadly it won't let me add the image, but I suspect this (also close to navy) shirt will be joining me soon :)

5. Over the Loom - especially the Neva Flutter Sleeve Dress: This is the dress M is wearing in the picture.  I love it and so does she.  It is comfortable, beautiful and so far, pretty tough as it has been played in well.  It was only about $30 including shipping as I bought it in a preview sale.  They have lots of other flattering feminine styles too. And yes, I'm just going to keep posting this picture whenever even mildly relevant as I love it :)

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