Sunday, June 1, 2014

Farm Camp - Part 1

This is post # 1 of Farm Camp photos.  There are SO many wonderful ones and I know Audra missed out on the fun so I'm going photo heavy. 
First snake sighting of farm camp. We saw a lot of animals in the first hour including: turtles, cats, fish, birds, snake, chickens, etc..

 E loved the pool -- he loved it most when he had it to himself with less splashing.
The turtles were very popular.  We'll have to make them a regular feature. 
E loved riding peanut butter the horse (the only peanut butter he gets to touch).   He would ride this horse for as long as we let him. 

 We love books and book time with Grandma is always fun.
 The next morning we headed to the horse farm.  There were lots of dogs that scared E, but everyone else loved them.
 We rode on the back of the pick up in the hay out to the animals.  It was normal when we were little, but a novelty to my city kids.
 Our fearless camp director who had tons of wonderful plans set up for us all.
 M was so brave.  Here she is petting a cow and feeding it hay.
 More fearless farmers feeding hay.
 There were so many beautiful horses and they were all delightfully friendly (during this time E is crying and terrified).

 The big kids went out to pet cows (yes, weird, but true, these were very tame).  E and I tried to calm down and give the Lam ladies directions to the horse farm.

 One of the dogs just loved B.
 Farmer Zane!
 The fine art of climbing on a pickup bed.
 Lady M and Roxy dog.
 Helping the horses out with a little grooming.

 Zane had the first ride and did wonderfully well.
Cass led the horse, and Grandma helped everyone stay on.  The riding helmet was both functional and adorable.

We'll pick it up here next time with more horses :)

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