Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1.  For the second year, we ran the Princess Run/Little Dudes Dash - this year with the costumed Korenaks!  As with last year, it was hot, likely it was hotter this year.  The transformation in Lady M's stamina from last year to this year was phenomenal. I was practically dragging her at points last year and this year she totally rocked it.  She would jog, then sprint SO hard, then realize Zane wasn't with her and wait for him to catch up before sprinting off again.  Sometimes she even went back to get him.  Very sweet.  I'm told the Richards boys didn't stop at all and they definitely crossed well before we did and were very happy. (My sister's more complete recap is here). 

2.  E did not actually run, of course, but rode sleepily in the stroller.  He did love his newly discovered athletic shorts and getting to have a bib (for 20 seconds while we took this picture).  He was not technically signed up, but was adorable.  He wore his super E cape the whole remainder of the day and into the night (but those pictures are on another computer :( He also didn't nap for four days straight due to various complications, which is NOT ok, but largely remained sweet and adorable even in the chaos.

3.  Saturday B participated in his final two Dragonfly soccer games. I only attended the first, but it was a really good game.  B scored from almost midfield (while crashing to the ground).  I "might" have teared up a bit behind my sunglasses - so proud.  He had a great game overall and so did the team. Then they had the team party and medal ceremony along with some play time before the next game. I was with M at a birthday party for that one, and am told it went well, if quickly and slightly less exciting.

4. The Secret Garden is opening at the Myriad Children's Garden this weekend complete with events spanning two weeks.  I am very excited. We are taking family pictures on Saturday morning at the Gardens and will almost certainly need to check out the Secret Garden as well while we're there.  We're also currently reading the book so the kids have at least some idea what is going on, although we're only about 1/4 of the way in so no spoilers!  We're doing our photos a bit differently this time and I'm cautiously excited and hopeful that it will be even more awesome--- yes, it does involve a breakfast picnic.

5.  Today was crazy 1) my bill was goofed up at MDO again--- I refused to pay, they gave in, my blood pressure rose. 2) I forgot something at home and had to go back,then go back to MDO to get E's forgotten blanket because priorities! 3) I went shopping with two small children to try to find something to wear for warm weather/pictures, and ended up with the most standard issue "mom" outfits ever... not sure if this is good or bad, but we survived and changed a dirty diaper in the parking lot, 4) I had called to have B be a "car-rider" but when I drove through the line to pick him up he wasn't there (cue minor anxiety/recital of horribles), before I made it home they found him in the bus line and moved him back to the car rider line (which was closed) but his teacher waited with him (include here repeated calls to husband). 5) went to the gym to work off the anxiety and avoid stress eating -- on the way out M got a massive bloody nose by running in to her brother (or something like that....) I had no kleenex (obviously) and staunched it with a clean, dry swim diaper-- very absorbent! She, of course, was covered in blood all over her face, hands, arms-- and splotches on her favorite new dress. Seriously, she ruins the most clothes this way, but "think" we got it out......... So there's that.

6.  I've also been planning logistics for my trip to DC next week.  It has been strangely complicated this time.  It feels weirdly like it is getting more complicated each time, not less.  I feel like I should be a pro at organizing this by now, but sadly I'm not.  In say, four years when all my kids will definitely be in school this should be easy, right? That is only ummmm 20 work trips away, roughly.........

7. Lady M went to her best friend Kyle's birthday party on Saturday (during soccer game #2).  Kyle's mom speaks to her kids exclusively in French (she is from Belgium) and I love it.  I understand basically everything she says and grow increasingly tempted while I'm there to talk to M in French.  Given that she really understands less than 20 words that would probably not succeed.  She does really love playing with Kyle though and had a great time at the party, minus one small tears incident related to sharing.

8. Fun things to do in OKC metro when it is blazing hot (for everyone's reference) - Science Museum, Unpluggits, Bouncin' Craze, Library story times or just wandering, inside the Myriad Gardens, OU Natural History Museum, sprinklers, snow cones, Pelican Bay pool in Edmond (not open yet), Thunder splash grounds (at Myriad Gardens), Drop-off gymnastics play times at Oklahoma Gold (once school is out), bowling (Redpin, or less fancy options), Paleontology Museum, Banjo Museum, Edmond Children's Museum (free, but somewhat odd hours), OK History Museum, Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum (haven't been in 15 years, but some kids I know like it?), swimming at the YMCA Mitch Park pools, exercising at the Y, water balloon fights, indoor activities like art, math, reading times -- having some summer challenges and an ongoing plan help, Kids concerts/magicians/storytellers-- nearly daily at OKC Metro Libraries in the summer,

Other ideas? I'm sure we'll need lots!

9. We are probably going to the farm on Saturday after our picture morning to help my mom with her big project.  M's only question in hearing of this plan was whether or not Zane was coming.  We'll be back Sunday so that Brent can work on his experiment for the first graders on Monday and to celebrate Mother's Day here with Brent's mom and possibly my family later in the day.

10.  I'm traveling again and in need of book recommendations -- preferably non-fiction and nothing too scary or dramatic. Suggestions? Also, if you are in DC let me know and we can meet up while I'm there.  I'm still in the excited/dread phase due to how much needs sorting out here with the end of school and daily life, but I'm sure it will be wonderful as always, as I definitely could use some time with adults and that other sort of crazy.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

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