Thursday, May 8, 2014

Project Home - May Update

Project Home

Time for a new month and new Project Home goals.

First, here is what we finished in April.  (Note - I update the original post on an ongoing basis as my "master list" of our progress and also add more items).

Projects Completed:
  • Add LEGO creation shelf to kids room
  • Finish east front bed--- add bush-- rose or otherwise
  • Plant second tree in the front yard---flowering variety, but not a bradford pear
  • Paint or replace light sconces on Garage.
  • Install Water barrel for backyard
  • Buy (storable) adult picnic table/kid table for holidays
They all went fairly well.  The LEGO project has been awesome in that there are plenty of LEGO block creations on display, high where E can't pull them off, and the top of the book case is miraculously nearly clear of any clutter!

The "Easter Bunny"  (aka my mom -- thank you mom!) brought us a Prairiefire Crabapple tree just about the time I decided to put off buying a tree for another year because all of this is costing more money than we probably have for home repair projects (not shocking).  We love the tree and finding a good way to stake it up straight in the Oklahoma wind is on May's project list.  

The sconce project morphed from painting the ones we had into buying new ones when my helper and I lost some pieces after taking the old ones apart.  I had begun to lose faith that painting them was really going to work anyway, but regret the time spent learning that lesson.  

The water barrel is full and we use it to water daily.  It makes me strangely happy.  We discovered that my tim holtz scrapbooking scissors cut through our gutters quite nicely, which was a bonus!

The surprise final project was finding a collapsable adult size picnic table that Brent and I can use when we eat outside with the kids.  He had been hoping for a place to put our food, but that didn't take up too much space and I happened to see something on a sale site that worked.  It has four seats and a maybe 3.5x4.5 surface area.  It folds up into a neat little box and is in our closet when not being used.  It is not THE most comfortable piece of furniture, but it is actually fine and will be a great kids' table for holidays without needing to buy more tables or chairs!

We did add just a few new projects to the overall list:

  • Stake Tree in front yard
  • Unclog master shower - draining slowly
  • Add Art to hall walls
  • Add clipboards for child art to dining room
  • Add "something" to living room walls
All that said, project fatigue plus the insanity that is May in our house is setting in. I  "suspect" that these May goals may also be June and possibly even July goals as I look at our schedule.  Let's just call them our "next" goals, ok? We both want to keep the project moving, but realistically need some down time too.

"Next" Goals (as this posting somewhat late we've already finished one!)
  • Stake Tree in front yard
  • Repaint trim on front of the garage (currently dark blue gray color)
  • Repaint trim around the front door (matches garage) (currently dark blue gray color)
  • Fix trim break at interior top edge of garage --- replace or repair and touch up paint accordingly.
  • Repaint Gallery Wall Frames for Entry
  • Rehang Gallery Wall Frames in Entry
Brent also made some dramatic progress on garage "stuff" purging and organization this month and we got a better sense of what we need to get and keep it organized. 

The good news is I'm really loving all the improvements so far.  They have been fairly easy and the benefits are already wonderful!

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