Sunday, June 15, 2014

A Few of E's Favorite Things @ 2

E is too young for our Birthday Quiz, so I though it would be good to include a few of his favorite things this year, in no particular order.
 Mornings spent playing and being silly with M were a daily favorite.  I love this extra few hours they get each day to play before and after school.
Balls, and playing with his Grandparents are high on the list.  He loves them all and they all adore him as well.  He also seemed to enjoy cheering on B at his soccer games, but that might be because he got to play soccer on the sidelines.
 Sweets - this boy loves a lollipop or sweet and asks for them quite adorably.  He has started a little potty training now and then, which is, of course, all about the M&M at the end.
 He loves his brother.  Crazy, constant, aggressive love -- these three boys (including Brent) are quite the team and so awesome together!
 Horses - he is fascinated by horses.  His favorite is my mom's toy horse Peanut Butter (irony anyone?) He will ride Peanut Butter forever.  This real, full size horse was a bit too intimidating most of the day, but he made it on for awhile and loved his pony ride the week before.  He plays with horses a lot.
Blankets -- has to have them, preferably his yellow "magic" blanket and one of those white Aden & Anais muslin blankets -- to Sleep he also has his soft colorful blanket from Grandma.  He generally sleeps very well at night and nap, but wakes up hard if we wake him up rather than letting him slowly wake up on his own.  He also likes dinosaurs --- particularly the roaring part.

He loves tickles and rough housing, particularly with Daddy --- who clearly is the best tickler.
 Mickey is his recent favorite.  I adore watching him doing the hot dog dance (at the end of Mickey's Clubhouse videos or on the TMBG CD).  He also loves trains, firemen, dogs (preferably at a distance or stuffies), cars/trucks, his little people farm, his bouncing cow, his new puzzle truck, and singing a long to tunes of all kind.
He positively adores hats.  All hats.  He routinely wears baseball caps (almost all of which are way too big), fedoras, costume hats, his sister's easter hat, newsboy style hats, Luigi's cap, or whatever he can get.  SO cute.  He is just starting to get in to costumes, and seems to stick to capes + hats, but recently got this fireman coat for his birthday and is wearing it a lot.

He rather likes chicken, chocolate, milk, juice, berries, watermelon, meatballs, cereal- preferably Daddy's, apples/apple sauce, granola bars, Greek yogurt-- preferably mine, sharp cheddar cheese, grapes, goldfish crackers, and a random assortment of hard to predict other things. His peanut allergy persists, but so far is mild.  He loves his mama and has a very hard time being handed off to the babysitter.  His is a huge fan of his siblings and his Daddy.  Encountering each of us is a huge part of his day.  He often asks questions about where we are when he can't see us and most often guesses we're in the bathroom.  He is also a big fan of his cousins--- although admits to a violet relationship with Ro.

His favorite words are: No, Mickey Mouse, chocolate, Daddy, Mama, Maggie, Bubba, Milk, Mario,  "Bye, Bye, See you later", and Blanket.  Until recently, "I go fast" was on that list, but it has been retired for the time being.  He gives the very best hugs to his siblings when they are sad, and is still a great snuggler.  He is starting to throw little fits that make me sad, but in general is a fun, energetic, funny, warm, loving small boy and I just can't get enough of this time with him as he grows and learns so quickly, and loves so easily. Hooray for our small, wonderful boy!

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