Saturday, June 14, 2014

E's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Party!

 The wonderful thing about our friends and parties at our house is that they are very fluid. I generally include a start and end time, but everyone understands that you are welcome to come early or stay late and we're just happy to have you share the day with us.  This time, M & her twin Serenity were one of the hits of the party. They loved it, we parents were often confused about who was who, and it was tremendous fun to have twins for a day!
 Grandma & Uncle Able were early arrived too and a bit help.  Zane arrived and exclaimed "there are two Ms"  and of course there were.  Dance party ensued.
 B wired a circuit to play Happy Birthday for his Brother and then spent a lot of time doing more wiring.  It so happens that our parties also skew heavily towards engineers and other science folk who loved this too.
 There was was lots of conversation and E hung pretty close to his parents, both because of his foot issue and general cranky/clinginess.
 We made plenty of fun food, including oreo mickey mouses, watermelon cute out in Mickey shapes (with help from B), and everyone could have regular rice krispies or cut theirs in to Mickey shapes too.
 Lots of boy babies ran or were passed along.
 E was adorable, if a bit sleepy. We made ears for everyone and had necklaces too, just for fun.  Zane brought his own ears and a special hot dog full of candy--- which every party needs.
 We scattered balloons all over and they were the base of many a kid-created game, and definitely terrific fun.
 E had progressive present opening.  He had lots of presents on Thursday and today opened a few close to the beginning and others as more guests arrived.
 His present from one of his Godmothers (my friend Heather in DC) even arrived during the party and was immediately well loved. He also got two different lawn mowers, that all his guests used more than he did, but I think will be awesome.

 For whatever reason the Mickey frosting got really dark (I know it gets darker as it sets, but sometimes I forget and I "might" have had a few too many helpers during the frosting tinting phase).  In any case, it was popular and is all gone.

 E dug in and at his piece up as well as a quite a bit of his orange sherbet.
 There was lots and lots of playing outside. I try to break out the parachute whenver we have guests as it is really best with lots of friends.

 Lots of kids over around and playing their own way.
 E & B continue to be awesome together.
 We did manage to find the little guy's smile somewhere along the way.
 Daddy's and their baby boys remain completely adorable.
I love our crew family and friends that are family.  It was wonderful to have everyone here just playing and laughing together.
 Grandma caught this one unawares enjoying nature.

E & Ro shared some love and some wrestling as always, but parted with a hug, which was so sweet.  It was sad to see everyone go, but lovely to have had a wonderful visit and celebration of our little E.  He is a very lucky boy to be surrounded by so much love, and we are all so lucky to share his story.  We love you little one, today and always 

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